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West Fargo’s population is growing at one of the quickest rates in all of North Dakota. Currently, the population is at about 31,771. The city, located within Cass County, has an overwhelmingly German ancestry, with 46.2% of residents claiming decent from the country.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in West Fargo, North Dakota

According to the North Dakota Drug Control Update issued by the White House, rates of death due to drug abuse in North Dakota are less than half of the national average. Despite this encouraging statistic, drug-induced deaths have been steadily on the rise. In 2013, there were 32 accidental deaths due to drug use. Though this figure may seem low compared to other states, but it represents a marked increase from 1999, when there were only 5 drug related deaths.

Unfortunately, North Dakota’s system of tracking overdoses lacks specifics, such as those that are fatal or non-fatal and the exact drug or drugs involved. While officials are working to revise the system, there is no deadline in place for when the update would have to occur. Despite the lack of specific information, the increase in drug-induced deaths is likely due, in part, to the increase in Heroin abuse across the nation. As patients are becoming addicted to prescription pain medications at alarming rates, many turn to Heroin as a cheaper alternative.

A current bill, however, could help to ameliorate the growing drug crisis. Under the bill, Naloxone, or Narcan would become available to North Dakota residents. The drug, which is the antidote to an Opiate overdose, could be placed into the hands of family and friends of known drug addicts. If the addict experiences an overdose, the life-saving drug can be administered even before paramedics arrive on the scene.

A second feature of the bill would give immunity from prosecution to witnesses of overdoses who call 911. Many times, bystanders are too afraid to call for medical help when they witness an overdose, for fear of legal implications. This bill would remove that concern and encourage witnesses to call 911 during an overdose.

As the number of Opiate addictions continues to grow, West Fargo may be seeing an Opiate addiction treatment center in the near future. The city passed a new ordinance, which would require any incoming facility to not only be licensed by the state, but also by the city. The regulations would require the incoming facility to share background information and treatment plans with the city. A representative of the facility would also be required to live within 50 miles of West Fargo, in case immediate contact becomes necessary. If an incoming facility does not meet the requirements, they will no longer be able to operate legally. Officials add that they are not trying to restrict business, but are only trying to have some control over it.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in the West Fargo, North Dakota Area

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