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Are you or someone you love caught in the cycle of destruction that comes with drug and alcohol addiction? A Washington drug rehab can help you or your loved one get free of addiction once and for all. When you call RehabHotline.org, you’ll get access to referral specialists who can put you in touch with the best inpatient rehab to suit you or your loved one’s needs, no matter their history with substance abuse.

What if it’s not drug addiction, but alcoholism you or your loved one is struggling with? We can refer you to a Washington alcohol rehab with proven success rates. Addiction is beatable and you or your loved one can do it with help from one of the many rehab centers in Washington state.

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Washington State Substance Abuse Facts

Rates of illicit drug use and drug-related deaths in Washington are higher than the national average. Washington is one of the top 10 states for illicit drug use. After alcohol, marijuana is responsible for the most admissions into drug rehabilitation centers in Washington state, followed by stimulants. Rates of heroin/OxyContin inpatient treatment are also high.

  • 20.9 percent of rehab admissions in Washington are for alcohol treatment.
  • 25.9 percent of people admitted into alcohol rehab in Washington state are also treated for addiction to another drug.
  • 14.5 percent of addiction treatment admissions are for meth rehab.
  • Marijuana is the second most commonly abused illegal drug in California, followed by heroin, cocaine and other opiate drugs.
  • 17 percent of drug rehab admissions are for marijuana.
  • 10.7 percent of Washington state treatment admissions are for heroin.

Substance Abuse Treatment Assessment

When you call our free treatment referral service, our referral specialists will ask you a number of questions in order to clarify what you or your loved one needs from a drug or alcohol treatment center. You will have the most success with drug or alcohol rehab in if you choose a treatment program that meets your needs.

Substance abuse treatment programs are most definitely not all the same. Each individual needs a program that’s tailored to address his or her unique set of circumstances and issues. Our referral specialist will ask you for some information about the individual in need of treatment in order to help you get the best result from a Washington rehab. Prepare to give as much info as you can about:

  • The individual’s history with substance abuse. Has the individual sought treatment before? Where? When? How many times? What treatment methods were used? How successful were they?
  • The individual’s substance abuse. How often and how much does the individual use substances? Which substances do the individual use?
  • The individual’s personal considerations. Let us know if the individual in need of treatment has specific medical conditions, spiritual or religious beliefs, or needs from treatment. Let us know if you’re concerned about ability to pay or need a program that will accept your insurance.

Learn more about your options for inpatient alcohol or drug rehab in Washington state:

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