Soledad is a very lovely and pleasant city in Monterey County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  Soledad is located just a mere 25 miles southeast of the bigger cry of Salinas, at an elevation of 190 feet.  The population of the city was 25,738 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

One thing that really stands out and that is really unique about Soledad is that it is seated at the heart of one of the most economically productive and technologically advanced agricultural regions in the world; hence, the Salinas Valley name, “Salad Bowl of the World”.  Agricultural companies working out of this region include: Dole Fresh Vegetables, Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Taylor Farms, D’Arrigo Bros. Inc and Mann Packing Inc.  The area is an agricultural giant to say the least, and the vast majority of the city’s economic success comes about as a result of this.

To further add to its economic success and overall popularity, Soledad is located in one of the primary wine grape growing regions of California with over twenty vineyards and wineries within a thirty-mile radius, several of which have tasting rooms and offer a wide selection of wines for sale to locals and visitors alike. Some of the vineyards and wineries located nearby are Chalone, Scheid, Paraiso Vineyards, Pisoni Vineyards, Hahn Estate, San Saba, J.Lohr, Kendall-Jackson, Ventana, Hess Select, Estancia, The Michaud Vineyard, and Graff Family Vineyards.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in Soledad: A Sad but True Fact

Unfortunately drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has begun to make a big deal in Soledad and has been for some time now.  This is a pretty upper middle class city, and drug dealers and traffickers for some time now have been expanding their horizons with their drug trafficking efforts to branch out into more middle class, upper middle class, and upper class cities and neighborhoods.  This is exactly what has been occurring in Soledad.

Soledad is not the only area that has been affected though.  In fact, there are many other places that have also been adversely affected by drug and alcohol addiction, as the nation as a whole is experiencing a major drug and alcohol abuse and addiction crisis.  For example:

• Because so many different Americans are now abusing pain reliever drugs to one degree or another, there has also been a severe spike in heroin abuse statistics in the United States as well.

• From the year of 2001 to the year of 2013, there was a five-fold increase in the total number of deaths that came about from heroin overdoses.  The heroin problem was practically eradicated in the United States at the turn of the century, and much happiness came about from this fact.

• Following a three-hundred percent increase in the production of opiate pain relievers between 2001 and 2005 however, heroin abuse and addiction statistics, including heroin overdose deaths, has now soared to literally unprecedented levels that the nation has never seen before.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure to an Addiction Nightmare the Likes of Which Soledad has Never Seen Before

Drug and alcohol addiction make big problems in any area that they affect, and Soledad has been affected and in a big way too.  Soledad of all the small towns and local cities in this area may indeed have the worst drug and alcohol addiction problem of them all.  Certainly, this city has, for its population and on a per capita basis, struggled more so than any other city in an eighty mile radius.  This is measured off of things like crime, overdoses, deaths, family problems, vehicle violations, etc.  Soledad has them all.

But how did Soledad get such a bad drug problem to begin with?  It all started around the turn of the century when substances became more available to smaller cities and suburban towns.  But why did this happen?  Basically a huge jump in the supply of illegal and illegally obtained substances caused a flood in the market of drugs, street drugs and pharmaceutical drugs alike.  This, coupled with the recession in 2007, 2008, and 2009 made for a perfect and dangerous cocktail of drug proliferation and distribution out of bigger cities and into outlying towns, bedroom communities, suburbs, supporting cities, and middle class villages.

This spread meant bad news for locals in cities like Soledad.  Soledad had never really struggled with drug problems before 2007, but now the issue is a very real one and a very dangerous one here.  If something is not done soon, then the issue really will get a lot worse.

The key to beating drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general in Soledad lies in all those who are addicted here going into and through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  With these types of approaches, quite literally anyone in Soledad who is addicted can go free for good.