Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is in the South Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. The name was coined for the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers. Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations.

Silicon Valley has a population of between 3.5 and 4 million people. While the name “Silicon Valley” conjures up images of high-tech corporations and wealthy geniuses, the population is diverse. San Jose is the largest city in the region. It is similar to many other American cities of the same size —and struggles with comparable addiction-related issues.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Silicon Valley

In general, Californians use illicit drugs at a slightly higher rate than the national average. Silicon Valley residents experience many of the same drug abuse-related issues as the rest of the state of California does, and have their own unique problems as well.

According to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), California reportedly ranks higher than the national average for past month illicit drug use for all age groups. It not only ranks high for past month and past year marijuana use, but also for past month and past year use of illicit drugs other than marijuana. Stimulant abuse, including methamphetamine abuse, occurs at particularly high rates in California. Additionally, alcohol abuse has been increasing.

To further understand the drug problem in Silicon Valley, look at the primary reasons that Californians enter substance abuse treatment centers. A White House report that shows that stimulants are the most common drug of choice implicated in admissions to Silicon Valley drug rehab facilities.  In fact, stimulants cause more treatment admissions in California than any other substances by a wide margin.

Stimulants, such as methamphetamine, are extremely addictive. Their regular use leads to a number of complications. Addicts have a hard time quitting meth on their own. Many heavy users struggle with addiction for years.

Marijuana is the second most common cause of treatment admissions in California, followed closely by heroin. While many people view marijuana as a harmless, non-habit-forming drug, the number of Californians who seek treatment for its use would indicate otherwise.

A 2013 article from Business Week points out that there are more marijuana dispensaries in San Jose than any other major city in California. The article goes on to say that some major technology firms in the area have had to forgo pre-employment drug testing for initial hires because they are having trouble finding potential candidates who can pass them. The availability of cannabis and the public’s perception of the drug as safe means that pot will continue to be responsible for a substantial chunk of treatment admissions in Silicon Valley.

Heroin is another highly addictive drug users often struggle with. Users develop a strong physical addiction characterized by agonizing withdrawal symptoms when they stop. These symptoms keep users using, typically despite negative consequences. Silicon Valley drug rehab facilities can help heroin abusers through the difficult withdrawal process and get them started on the road to recovery.

Addiction Treatment in Silicon Valley: How Drug Rehab Can Help

Addiction is a complex condition that can’t be beat by mere abstinence. The recovery process is filled with ups and downs, and there are many factors that cause addicts to relapse. Silicon Valley drug rehab programs employ a comprehensive approach that not only gets addicts off of drugs and alcohol, but also teaches them the skills they need to stay clean. The comprehensive approach is proven to be the most effective and there are many good options for an addict in need to choose from.

Silicon Valley drug rehab facilities offer a variety of services designed to meet each addict’s individual needs. No one particular treatment program is right for every addict or alcoholic. Finding the right drug rehab center may make the difference between a successful recovery and a deadly relapse, so explore all the available options before making a decision. Choosing a rehab can be overwhelming, but there are trained treatment professionals available to help you through the process.

To find the best treatment center, you will need to narrow down the list of potential programs. Some factors, like location, duration of program and cost, may be prohibitive for a person in your situation. For example, most experts agree long-term inpatient rehab is the most effective type, but not everyone seeking help can make that kind of time commitment. There are good short-term inpatient and outpatient programs available as well.

Addicts and alcoholics who seek treatment early in the addiction process are believed to have a better chance at overall success. Find a good Silicon Valley drug rehab center as soon as you notice the signs of addiction in yourself or someone you love, and commit to it. Millions of recovered addicts are living healthy and productive drug-free lives right now, and you can join them.

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