Confronting the Santa Cruz Drug Problem

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Santa Cruz is located on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay and is the largest city in Santa Cruz County. It is about 72 miles south of San Francisco and is considered part of the Monterey Bay region since it’s not on the San Francisco Bay.

The population of Santa Cruz has steadily grown since the 1930s. The city now has more than 60,000 residents. Santa Cruz is known for its coastline’s natural beauty, its moderate climate, its redwood forests and its state parks, like Natural Bridges State Beach.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Santa Cruz

Drug abuse and addiction are problems throughout the state of California, and Santa Cruz is no exception. The rate of addiction is linked to the number of drug or alcohol users in any given location and generally works out to about eight percent of the population in the United States and nine percent of the population in California. This means that about one out of every 12 California residents experiences addiction-related issues. Santa Cruz drug rehab facilities are a crucial part of the solution.

A recent article on the KSBW website stated that Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz had to be closed by lifeguards for four hours after dozens of used, dirty syringes were found discarded there. Syringes thrown out by addicts have been the subject of growing concern as the city has struggled to find a balance between stopping the spread of disease and protecting its public spaces. One county employee stated the best way to get these needles off the street is to get the people who use them off of drugs.

Addiction is a problem that doesn’t go away on its own. No one is immune to its effects, and everyone loses as a result. Alcohol and drugs create physical dependence when used regularly, and addicts need help to stop. Santa Cruz drug rehab facilities are often an addict’s only hope.

Californians use illicit drugs and alcohol at a higher rate than the national average. Use rates for some substances, like methamphetamine, are much higher. Most troubling is the number of people who do not receive the treatment they need. Just 12.4 percent of those addicted to drugs receive treatment and just 9.1 percent of those addicted to alcohol receive treatment.

These numbers, from a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), are too significant to ignore. Individuals who don’t take action to get help for addiction find things get considerably worse instead of better. When left untreated, addiction can lead to homelessness, incarceration, and ultimately, an untimely death. No one needs to suffer this fate.

It used to be believed that for someone to kick an addiction to alcohol, meth, heroin and other substances, he or she had to “hit rock bottom.” This false belief is dangerous. After all, waiting to lose everything before seeking treatment only exacerbates the problem.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is evidence to suggest substance abusers who receive help early on may have a better chance at a successful long-term recovery. Recovery is often a long-term process requiring more than just abstaining from substance abuse.  Rehab centers use a comprehensive approach to not only get addicts off drugs and alcohol, but also provide them with the skills to stay off.

Alcohol Rehab in Santa Cruz

A combination of community drug education programs and drug rehab programs are necessary to help addicts in need. Without intervention on all fronts, the drug problem in Santa Cruz will continue to worsen.

Addiction treatment can happen in a variety of settings and should be personalized for the best results. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, don’t wait to ask for help. Our professional rehabilitation specialists help you find a program that will be a good fit.

Addiction recovery is a long process with ups and downs, so the best place to start is in the right treatment facility. Santa Cruz drug rehab facilities use different treatment models and varying program durations, but they incorporate the same three elements:

  1. Detoxification – Before the addiction recovery process can begin, the addict must be safely detoxified to rid his or her body of substances. This happens naturally when the individual stops drinking or taking drugs but should be monitored so that withdrawal symptoms can be managed.
  2. Stabilization – Once the client is drug-free, his or her health starts to return. The recovering addict can experience a range of emotions and ongoing withdrawal symptoms throughout this period.
  3. Long-term recovery – Symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome, such as mood swings, depression and cravings, can persist for several months after the addict has stopped using. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome, combined with the stresses of everyday life, can lead to relapse.

No addict should feel that treatment solutions are out of his or her reach, and no addict should feel that he or she has to suffer alone. Help is available to those who reach out for it, so do so now and don’t delay.

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