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San Francisco Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts

With a population of 812,826, San Francisco is one of California’s largest cities; as such, it has plenty of substance abuse concerns. As part of the Northern California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, San Francisco struggles to combat the various drug cartels, independent dealers and other criminals who illegally import and distribute drugs like methamphetamine, black tar heroin, marijuana and cocaine in the city.

Alcohol abuse is also a considerable threat to the people of San Francisco. If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome addiction in San Francisco, you or they have plenty of company. Let’s look at some of the stats on San Francisco substance abuse:

  • In 2009, there were 28,859 drug-related visits made to San Francisco emergency rooms.
  • In 2011, alcohol was the substance of choice for people seeking treatment in San Francisco.
  • In the same year, San Francisco made it a misdemeanor to distribute K2 or Spice, two drugs which contain synthetic cannabinoid compounds and are legally marketed in some areas as an alternative to marijuana.
  • In 2008, there were 10,077 drug-related arrests in San Francisco.
  • In the same year, there were 3,127 alcohol-related arrests in San Francisco. 1,484 of these arrests were made for driving under the influence, 1,298 were made for drunkenness and 345 were liquor law violations.

Find Personalized Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or someone you care about is looking for inpatient rehab in San Francisco, RehabHotline.org is the best place to find a treatment facility. We personalize your or your loved one’s treatment search with a substance abuse assessment that really hones in on the individual’s needs in a California rehab or a rehab in another state. We’ll ask about:

  • Personal history with addiction and substance abuse
  • Preferences for treatment
  • Medical and psychiatric history
  • Financial concerns
  • Substance abuse patterns and quantities

It’s OK if you can’t answer some of the referral specialist’s questions. With whatever information you can give us, we’ll take over the hard work of finding the San Francisco drug rehab or alcohol rehab that will give you or your loved one the best chances of a lasting recovery.

The type of treatment a person receives is important, because each patient needs an individualized approach. If we can’t find an alcohol or drug rehab in San Francisco that meets your or your loved one’s needs, we’ll help you discover another quality program that will have you or your loved one feeling whole again in no time.

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