Rochester Drug Rehabilitation

Don’t live with drug addiction for another day. Take action by calling our hotline and learning how to get on the path to treatment and recovery. Representatives in the Rochester, New York area will help you select the best rehabilitation program for you.

Affordable housing, effective public school systems, and low unemployment rates are a few of the several factors that have lead Rochester, New York to earn its title as the “most livable city” by the Places Rated Almanac, amongst other similar accolades.

Along with the above-referenced perks, Rochester residents also enjoy the city’s rich history and bountiful amenities.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Rochester, New York Area

Despite its numerous good qualities, Rochester has seen a significant rise in Heroin and Opiate abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, the crisis is not limited to Monroe County or even New York. All across the nation, an increase in prescription painkillers is leading to Opiate addiction and abuse. Addicts turn to drugs like Heroin when their prescription painkillers become unavailable or too expensive.

According to the New York Drug Control Update issued by the White House, 9% of New Yorkers admit to using an illegal drug within the last month. This figure is above the national average, which is currently 8%.

Rochester, however, is beginning to take innovative life-saving measures. Starting in 2012, the Rochester Fire Department began administering Narcan, the Opiate overdose antidote. Prior to 2012, firefighters who responded to an overdose could only wait for the ambulance to arrive. While firefighters have been saving lives over the last several years, the number of individuals who are in need of reviving has drastically increased. At the inception of the program, firefighters only administered 19 doses, in 2014, that number sky rocketed to 164. This dramatic increase is representative of figures all across the country, as the Heroin epidemic continues on its path of destruction.

Heroin, however, is not the only addictive substance that officials are focusing on. Local lawmakers are also concerned about the upcoming availability of alcohol in powdered form. Palcohol, as it is called, was approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, but the FDA has yet to investigate. Of particular concern is its appeal to underage children, since it can be more easily concealable.

While the future of Palcohol remains to be seen, the present Heroin crisis is happening all around us. Heroin-related deaths in Monroe County have tripled since 2012. Heroin has become so in demand that drug traffickers have organized hundreds of miles of networks from places like Puerto Rico. Gangs create languages of code to evade law enforcement and have even been caught with up to a million dollars worth of Heroin.  Other items seized during police investigations of Heroin dealers include:

• Cash;
• Other drugs such as Cocaine and Marijuana; and
• Weapons.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Rochester, New York

Are you struggling with any of these main drugs of abuse in the Rochester, New York area?

• Heroin;
• Marijuana;
• Cocaine; or
• Other Opiates.

If so, you are not alone. These substances represent the top reasons for treatment admissions in 2010. No matter what substance you may be struggling with, the treatment facilities in Rochester are equipped to help you overcome your addiction. Call now and learn how you can obtain a happy, healthy, and drug free life.