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Reno, Nevada is known as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” perhaps because it is the most populous Nevada city outside the Las Vegas metropolitan area with a population over 225,000. The city sits in a desert valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range near popular outdoor attractions like Lake Tahoe and various ski resorts; however, the area is most famous for its casinos, which can attract an unsavory crowd.

Reno Addiction Recovery

Perhaps due to the types of entertainment the state is famous for, residents throughout the state of Nevada abuse alcohol and drugs at a rate higher than the national average. This increased use leads to a number of problems, which include a high rate of addiction. As is the case with most U.S. states, the drug problem only increases each year, as thousands of new young people begin using alcohol and drugs.

According to a report issued by the White House in 2011, Nevada ranks among the top 10 states in the abuse of several categories of substance. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health compiles this information to paint a picture of how people use alcohol and illicit drugs throughout the country.

Two main categories in which Nevada ranks high are the usage of non-marijuana illicit drugs and non-medical prescription pain relievers for the teens between 12 and 17. Individuals continue to experiment with drugs at earlier and earlier ages; without intervention, the drug abuse problem will only continue to worsen.

To better understand the drug problem in Reno, it is helpful to look at the primary substances cited by users who enter Reno drug rehab facilities. The following is a list of the highest ranking substances of primary treatment admissions in order:

  1. Alcohol — 65 percent of all rehab admissions list alcohol as a major factor in their addiction. Over 15 percent list alcohol alone as their drug of choice, and 50 percent list alcohol with other drugs.
  2. Stimulants — Nevada is one of only a few states where methamphetamine admissions outrank marijuana.
  3. Marijuana — Despite the public’s misconception that marijuana is non-habit forming, a large number of Reno residents enter substance abuse treatment for pot each year.
  4. Heroin — Heroin treatment admissions have been rising steadily since 2007.
  5. Other opiates — This refers to non-medical use of prescription painkillers, and the number of users for this category has been increasing almost everywhere since 2000.
  6. Cocaine — Admissions for powdered cocaine or crack have been declining since 2008 and have now been passed by prescription pills.

All of these substances have a high risk of abuse for regular users. While the symptoms of addiction are varied by substance, they are all exceedingly difficult to address without help. No one is immune to the physical dependence these drugs create, and some users may even have a genetic predisposition to addiction. If anyone uses the above substances with regularity, addiction is often the only possible outcome.

Once dependence has set in, solitary attempts to stop use will likely end in failure. Dependence is characterized by long-acting persistent symptoms that can plague users even up to a year after they quit. For this reason, entering Reno drug rehab facilities is essential to understanding and maintaining abstinence. These centers use a comprehensive approach  including detoxification, stabilization, life skills building, and relapse prevention. All aspects of this approach are key components in the long-term process of addiction recovery.

Reno Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The good news about drug rehabilitation is that there are a huge variety of options available to substance abusers of all means and backgrounds. The bad news is that this huge variety can make looking for a treatment center confusing. For this reason, we have professional treatment specialists available to help you navigate your choices.

When beginning the road to sobriety, addicts have a number of factors to consider, and treatment specialists can help you find the perfect program for you. Reno drug rehab facilities come in private and public options, in inpatient and outpatient settings and can be both short-term and long-term. In the end, the best center for you will be the one that offers you the best overall chance of remaining sober after treatment is complete. Programs are never one-size-fits-all, so you must explore your options with a treatment specialist who understands your personal needs.

Help for addiction recovery is available to all alcoholics and addicts. No addict can be expected to overcome addiction on his or her own — and luckily no addict has to. With the help and support from a Reno drug rehab facility, recovery is possible even before you hit your bottom. Make a decision to address your substance abuse problem today, and get started on the road to addiction recovery. You can have the healthy and productive drug-free life you deserve. For more information or to speak with a counselor call 877-420-2948 now.