Rehab Cannot Be One-Size-Fits-All

Addiction is a complex condition that is as varied as the individuals who suffer from it. Each person’s struggle with addiction stems from his or her own unique set of cultural, behavioral, social, emotional, psychological and physical circumstances. Modern addiction treatments are very effective, but each treatment plan must be tailor-made to fit the individual.

The right program for an addicted individual is one that meets his or her unique needs. A program that fails to meet these needs won’t be effective, and that person will be at risk of relapse and its devastating consequences. Addiction is unpredictable and deadly; most people are very confused about it unless they have personally experienced it. Learning about treatment can be like learning a new language.

Instead of spending time researching different programs on your own, a rehab referral service can help you find a program right away and speak to you in terms you can understand.

What Treatments Do Rehabs Use?

The treatments you or your loved one can expect to receive in rehab will vary depending on the type of facility you choose. If you can, it’s best to check in to a private rehab that offers personalized, high-quality, evidence-based holistic treatments.

Cheaper Is Not Necessarily Better When It Comes to Rehab

Most, if not all, publicly funded rehabs rely on the 12-step model of addiction treatment. Group therapy is the norm, because it cuts treatment costs. Unfortunately, the treatment they can afford to provide is often inadequate. Addicts often fall through the cracks, as there is only so much that an understaffed facility can address.