About the City of Poway, California

Poway is a lovely city in San Diego County, in the state of California, in the United States. Originally an unincorporated community in San Diego County, Poway actually officially became a city on December 1, 1980.  Even though Poway lies geographically in the middle of San Diego County, it is considered by most as being located in north San Diego county. Poway’s rural roots gave rise to its slogan “The City in the Country.” As of the 2010 census the city had a population of 47,811. The ZIP code is 92064 there, and many individuals are drawn to this area for its rural appeal.

Poway is located at 32°58?12?N 117°2?19?W (32.969895, ?117.038479), which lies north of the city of San Diego and south of the city of Escondido. Some nearby communities of San Diego include Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Peñasquitos, and in the county to the east, the community of Ramona. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 39.3 square miles.  The city is known for its geographic beautify and its pleasant year round climate.

Facts and Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in and Around Poway, California

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been on the rise in a big way in Poway.  It’s also a big problem across the nation too.  For example:

•    Various combined facts and statistics have shown us that drug and alcohol abuse affects young adults the most. This demographic is the most likely to die from substance abuse and they’re also the most likely to commit crimes and get into trouble or be involved in car accidents as a result of substance abuse.

•    What most residents of the United States do not realize is that the vast majority of crime committed in this country is a result of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction. It is important that this is known because crime is expensive for the country as prison systems, law-enforcement, and other justice systems are all sponsored by American taxpayers. If drug and alcohol addiction is gotten rid of then it will also be a lot better for the average American taxpayer.

•    Contrary to popular belief heroin is one of the most popular drugs in the nation right now. The substance has grown in popularity a lot lately partially thanks to increased interest in prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is very similar to heroin abuse so when one goes up in interest so does the other.

Rehabilitation Needed and Wanted in and Around Poway, California

The addiction nightmare that is spreading across the nation has already caused a significant amount of fear and concern not only just in Poway, but all across the nation for that matter.  This is an issue that has gradually worsened more and more and more as the years have gone by to the point where the issue has now escalated to a full on epidemic for those who are addicted in certain areas, Poway included.  It is feared that if something is not done soon about this issue to effectively remedy it or at least work to prevent it than addiction will overwhelm many areas of the country, again Poway included.

Poway has a few key aspects about it that have made for terrible addiction problems here.  Some of these are:

•    There are more overdoses per capita in Poway than there are in other cities of similar populations.  This is concerning to say the least and has been for some time now.  Whereas other cities in the area and across the state experience average at worst overdose rates, (with many of them having below average overdose rates), Poway weighs in as having almost double the overdoses than other cities in the state of a similar size.  This is quite concerning indeed.

•    Poway has more problems with hard, illegal, street drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth than other cities do.  Other cities have trouble with pills and alcohol which in their own way are damaging and dangerous but Poway in particular has big problems with very illegal and very dangerous street drugs.

•    More youths per capita abuse drugs in Poway than they do in other areas for that matter.  This is obviously quite concerning to say the least and has been quite concerning for some time now.  Youths are more affected by drug and alcohol addiction than all other age ranges and demographics are, and if something isn’t done soon to prevent youth drug abuse in Poway than the situation will only get much worse.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to make rehabilitation happen in Poway as soon as is possible.  This is an area that simply cannot afford to continue to struggle so much with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  Rehab can change all of that. With inpatient rehab, those addicted can finally get detoxed and get the help they need in that way. Those addicted can get rehabilitated too so as to address the mental and psychological aspects of addiction too.  With these two methods combined, addiction can finally be cut down and cut back once and for all for those who are addicted and abusing substances in Poway.