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If you or someone you love needs drug or alcohol treatment and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay for it, you’re not alone. Many families experience “sticker shock” at the price of rehab, but there’s good news — treatment is more affordable than you think!

Introducing: Everything You Need to Know About Paying for Rehab… And Why You Can’t Afford Not to Seek Treatment

If you’re wondering how you can possibly afford addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, this e-brochure will answer all your questions — it’s packed with advice about paying for rehab. You’ll learn everything you need to know about covering the costs of inpatient treatment, from getting health insurance coverage to negotiating a payment plan. What’s more, you’ll get detailed information about effective modern treatment techniques and what you should look for in a drug or alcohol rehab program.

Download “Everything You Need to Know About Paying for Rehab” and learn:

  • Why some rehabs really are better than others.
  • Why your loved one will benefit from attending a private rehab.
  • Why personalized treatment is important.
  • What they mean when they talk about “holistic addiction treatment.”
  • What they mean when they talk about “evidence-based treatment.”
  • What specific treatments you should expect your loved one to receive in rehab.
  • The true cost of medical detox and inpatient rehab.
  • How to get your health insurance to cover inpatient rehab costs.
  • How to secure alternative financing.
  • How to work out a payment plan.
  • What to do if you really are all out of options.

It’s hard watching someone you love struggle with addiction, but the sooner your loved one gets treatment, the better. We know how overwhelming the cost of rehab can be for the average family, and that is why we put together this informative e-brochure to guide you through your options. Get this free resource today and learn how can you afford the treatment you or a loved one needs!