Moreno Drug Rehabilitation

Moreno Valley is a popular city located in Riverside County, California and is part of the overall San Bernardino-Riverside Metropolitan Area.  As it is a relatively young city, its rapid growth from the 1980s to the early 2000s made it the second-largest city in Riverside County by population, and one of the Inland Empire’s major population centers.  As of the 2010 census done by the United States Census Bureau, the city’s population was 193,365.  Neighboring Riverside, California, the county seat and largest city in the county, the two cities are closely tied.  Moreno Valley is also part of the Greater Los Angeles area too, but it is more closely associated with Riverside.

Among California’s growing cities, Moreno is second most populous in all of Riverside County.  The growth of this city can be attributed to a range of quality housing options including high end
executive homes, affordable single-family homes, and condominiums as well.  Moreno also offer a family-friendly lifestyle, good schools, impressive quality-of-life amenities and growing job centers.  The city has attracted many families who want to be near, but not in the bigger and more busy city of Riverside.

Moreno Valley has much to offer, which is mostly why the city has boomed so quickly in population.  For example, just some of the desirable amenities of the city include include: more than 38 parks and/or joint-use facilities (531 maintained acres) and 8,000 acres of open space at Lake Perris, recreational facilities, major medical, and educational facilities, quality housing at affordable prices, open spaces, abundant retail centers, industrial developments, social and cultural activities as well.

An Unfortunate Surge in Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Amongst Moreno’s Residents

Moreno as a city is currently experiencing the worst drug addiction nightmare amongst its residents that the city has ever experienced in its history.  Drug addiction and substance abuse in general has become a serious issue not only in the greater LA area, but for the entire state of California.  In fact, California tops the charts in many areas of drug and alcohol abuse for the entire nation.

Drug abuse increases in Moreno have not gone over so well.  Since the city is rather young, the city council and its residents have never really had to deal with a problem like this before, and the issue has rather taken many of its residents by surprise.  It is feared that, if something is not done soon to rectify the issue, then the city of Moreno will be on the verge of a full on addiction epidemic.

Facts and Statistics on the Serious Drug Addiction Crisis

It is without a doubt that the drug addiction crisis in Moreno and all across the state of California is a severe one indeed.  To better understand the issue, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), worked with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), to collect data and survey and examination reports on the drug addiction crisis not only in California, but all across the country.  The results were quite grim.  Just some of them have been listed below to provide the reader with insight into just how serious of an issue this really is:

• More than 4.6 million emergency room visits were related in some way to drugs in the United States in 2009.  In California, forty percent of all ER visits involve drug or alcohol abuse.

• About half of drug and alcohol caused ER visits were caused by reactions to medications that were taken according to a doctor’s prescription, and 45 percent were related to the abuse of illicit substances, or 2.1 million emergency room visits.

• Of the 2.1 million ER visits caused by drug abuse, more than 27 percent were caused by the non-medical abuse of prescription drugs, OTC medications, and supplements; more than 21 percent were caused by illicit drugs; and more than 14 percent involved alcohol in combination with drugs.  California drug abuse is the leading cause of preventable death in the state.

• Perhaps the most disturbing statistic: ER visits caused by prescription drugs increased more than 98 percent between 2004 and 2009 nationwide, and more than doubled in the state of California.

Rehabilitation: How Individuals in Moreno are Beating Addiction

Sadly, drug addiction is on the rise on Moreno.  The increasing population in Moreno Valley, California is mainly what is giving way to drug problems and this is the reason for the rise in the need for Moreno Valley drug rehab centers.  Overall, the city now faces more addiction issues than it ever did before with five times as many of its residents trying drugs for the first time in 2010 than did so in 2000.

To correct and staunch the flow of addiction, a Moreno Valley drug rehab stands to offer a wide range of services such as substance abuse treatment, methadone maintenance, detoxification and counseling as well.  These services are known to be the best treatments for drug cases, particularly when used on an inpatient basis.  Each person has a different drug case with no two addicts being the same though, and that is why these services are at only inpatient rehab centers in order to have a treatment that will rightly fit the patients’ needs.