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Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada. With a metropolitan area population of nearly 2,000,000 plus the influx of more than 30 million tourists a year, it’s no wonder Las Vegas suffers from substance abuse issues.

Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is famous for its casino-hotels and the availability of gambling, fine dining, shopping and nightlife. It is the leading cultural and financial center for Southern Nevada and continues to see population growth at a high rate. The city’s tolerance for vice and various forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City — so it comes as no surprise Las Vegas is a hotbed for substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Las Vegas

Overall, Nevada has a higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse when compared to the national average. Because Las Vegas accounts for almost three-quarters of Nevada’s population, this means Las Vegas residents experience a high rate of addiction.

According to a report issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Nevada residents use drugs and alcohol at a rate that is on average two-percent higher than the rest of the country. They also lead the way for past month illicit drug use among people aged 12 to 17. Alarmingly, between 2008 and 2012, 12.8 percent of young people reported using illicit drugs during the previous month.

Alcohol continues to be the most prominent substance for primary treatment admission in Las Vegas. Nearly 65 percent of all people who entered a Las Vegas drug rehab center listed alcohol abuse as part of their problem; around 15 percent of patients suffered from alcoholism alone while 50 percent experienced alcohol and drug problems. Alcohol addiction affects every aspect of the drinker’s life, and due to alcohol’s availability, it can be nearly impossible to quit without help.

Methamphetamine ranks as the top illicit substance used by Las Vegas residents. Meth addicts have a particularly hard time getting and staying clean. Meth abuse is characterized by an intense psychological addiction that produces strong cravings in the user long after use has ceased. This leads to a high rate of relapse in stimulant users and makes Las Vegas drug rehab facilities essential for long-term abstinence.

The rampant non-medical use of prescription pain relievers in Las Vegas is also cause for concern. According to data from the White House, the number of primary treatment admissions for prescription pill abuse has been rising steadily since 2000. This is an indication the problem is only getting worse.

Prescription medications generate a strong physical addiction, and regular users experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when they stop. Furthermore, prescription opioid abuse tends to lead to the use of street drugs — such as heroin — when addicts crave a cheaper and more available alternative. Since 2007, Nevada has seen a sharp increase in primary treatment admissions for heroin. It is likely prescription opioids are the cause behind this.

Perhaps most alarming is the percentage of substance abusers who receive help each year: Only 12 percent of individuals aged 12 or older who suffer from illicit drug dependence and only four percent of those who suffer from alcohol dependence entered treatment last year in Nevada. That means over one 100,000 addicts continue to suffer in the region each year.

Available Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Las Vegas

Las Vegas drug rehab facilities offer a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery with options that fit a variety of lifestyles — regardless of personal means.

Addiction is a complex condition that can devastates lives when left untreated, and addiction never disappears on its own. Rehab come in all shapes and sizes, and this means there are centers available to help any addict.

Help is available to anyone who asks. Treatment specialists can help you find the right program, so you can reach sobriety sooner.

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to pursue drug and alcohol treatment. If you or someone you love is experiencing addiction-related issues, don’t delay. Find the right Las Vegas drug rehab facility and get started on the path to addiction recovery.

Addiction recovery can be difficult, but long-term sobriety is possible. The healthy and productive drug-free life you desire is within your reach.

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