About the City of Jurupa Valley: The City in Review and in Summary

Jurupa Valley is a pleasant and middle-sized city in Riverside County, in the U.S. state of California.  On March 8th of the year 2011, voters approved a ballot measure designated as Measure A to incorporate the area into its own city once and for all.  Following as a result of that, the area has been an incorporated city since July 1, 2011.

As for the city itself, the city of Jurupa Valley covers approximately 43.5 square miles and has an estimated population of 98,842 making it a mid-sized city.  The city lies north and west of the Santa Ana River, south of the Riverside-San Bernardino County line, and east of Interstate 15.  The city of Jurupa Valley also includes the neighborhoods of Mira Loma, Glen Avon, Sky Country, Indian Hills, Pedley, Rubidoux, Belltown, Jurupa, Jurupa Hills, and Sunnyslope.

As for its history, the City of Jurupa Valley is proud to be the 482nd City in California and the 28th City in Riverside County all in all.  The primary reason for incorporation of the city was the strong desire for enhanced police services and local control over planning and zoning issues as well.  The City now easily covers a forty-four square mile area encompassing the communities of Jurupa Hills, Mira Loma, Glen Avon, Pedley, Indian Hills, Belltown, Sunnyslope, Crestmore Heights, and Rubidoux.  The city borders San Bernardino County to the north, Riverside to the south and east, Eastvale and San Bernardino County to the west.  Portions of the Santa Ana River traverse the southern portion of the City too, making the city overall quite extensive.

The City of Jurupa Valley today is now a great mix of high and low-density residential development, rural farming on the outskirts of the city, and other agricultural activities, and a mix of commercial retail and industrial activity to top it all off.  Two primary transportation corridors traverse the Jurupa Valley area which are Interstate 15 which runs north and south, and State Highway 60, which runs east and west.  It has been in recent years that residential development and economic activity has increased on a pretty dramatic level as the recovery from the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008 really began to pick up in California.  Of course, the city also has significant capacity for expansion of both residential and commercial development activity in the future.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse: A New and Cruel Issue to Hit Jurupa Valley

Sadly, as the city of Jurupa Valley has expanded and grown in population with a flourishing economy to boot, the city of course has also attracted a pretty significant drug addiction crisis too.  What occurred here is that, following the recession, drug dealers and traffickers who stayed mostly in bigger cities and urban areas began to leave those areas as their clientele could no longer afford illicit substance thanks to the recession.  Many drug dealers and traffickers began to set their sights on cities and towns that were doing better and were flourishing, towns and cities like Jurupa Valley.

Today, addiction has really begun to affect many of those who live in Jurupa Valley, particularly the young adult population of the city.  Heroin, prescription drugs, and marijuana have been the most popular of these drugs by far, but many others have also grown in popularity in this once addiction free city and area.  The issue has been particularly prevalent amongst young adults, and if something isn’t done soon then this demographic in particular will suffer much more in the near future.

Facts and Statistics: What is Really Occurring in the United States with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

To better understand the addiction crisis as it is currently affecting many Jurupa Valley residents, some facts and statistics have been recorded below so as to provide the reader with context as to just how serious of an issue addiction is on a nationwide basis:

• The rate of current, regular marijuana use among youths of the age of 12 to 17 in 2013, (7.1 percent to be exact), was similar to the 2012 rate, (7.2 percent all in all), and the rates in 2004 to 2010, (ranging from 6.7 to 7.6 percent).  Today however, marijuana abuse is back on the rise again as many states are making it much easier for youths to get their hands on the drug.

• Among youths of the age range of 12 to 17, the rate of the current and non-medical use and abuse of prescription-type drugs is on its way up.  Following a more than three-hundred percent increase in the manufacturing, distribution, and proliferation of such drug into the American populace by American pharmaceutical companies, youths of the United States are finding it easier and easier to abuse such drugs.

Rehabilitation: How to Win Against Addiction Once and for All in Jurupa Valley

Many addicts, no matter how heavily addicted they are or to what degree they are addicted, feel as though they will never be able to escape the vicious trap of addiction.  True enough, many who are addicted never actually do go free from addiction, but that does not mean that the pronouncement that addiction is unbeatable is true.  In fact, it is very far from the truth.  Anyone can beat addiction once and for all, no matter who they are, no matter what they are addicted to, no matter how long they have been addicted to it for, no matter how often they take it, and no matter how much they take, literally anyone can beat addiction once and for all with the help of inpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehabilitation will be the saving grace of Jurupa Valley without a doubt.  With the degree and variety of services offered at Jurupa Valley, anyone can win against addition once and for all if he or she puts his or her mind to it and commits to it.  Jurupa Valley stands a good chance at winning against addiction, but first all of the addicted residents of the city must go through rehabilitation to achieve this goal.