Firebaugh is an interesting and pleasant city in Fresno County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The population was 7,549 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 5,743 as of the previous 2000 census.

As for its geographic location, Firebaugh is located on the west side of the San Joaquin River about 38 miles west of Fresno, at an elevation of about 151 feet.  Inside the city there is a small commercial district that includes the ubiquitous California Central Valley water tank painted beautifully with the city’s name. State Route 33 also runs through the downtown area just west of the exact center. The San Joaquin Valley Railroad, West Side Subdivision, passes through downtown which allows for maximum traffic on tourists into and out of the city.

Outside of the city, the area is almost entirely agricultural land in all directions which is another great source of income in the city. Most fields of irrigated row crops along SR33 are feed crops such as alfalfa, but the crops still do add to the city’s already very stable income.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction on the Rise in a Peaceful Farming Town

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse has really begun to take a heavy toll on the city of Firebaugh.  The statistics on drug use here, on drug use in the state of California, and in fact drug use all across the nation for that matter has definitely gotten pretty bad lately.  For example:

• Sadly, the truth is that Americans are abusing drugs at a much, much earlier age than they used to be.  This particularly dangerous because when an adult abuses a drug for the first time, he or she can often stop right there and not continue.  However, when an adolescent abuses a drug for the first time, odds are that he or she will become addicted to it, which is often the case in Firebaugh.  To highlight this, the average age for first-time users of drugs is now between thirteen and fourteen, instead of sixteen to seventeen like it was a decade or less ago.

• There are almost as many alcohol addicts in the United States than Americans who are addicted to all for the different types of drugs combined in fact.  There exist a full sixteen and a half million adults of the age of 18 and older that are legitimately afflicted with an alcohol addiction of one kind or another.  This statistics includes an unfortunate and miserable 10.8 million men and 5.8 million women all in all.

• Becoming clean and sober from alcohol addiction is no easy task at all or by any means.  When it comes to rehabilitation for alcohol addiction, not nearly enough individuals in the United States receive it, and in fact more Americans become addicted every year to alcohol addiction than become rehabilitated from their addictions to it!  Only about one and a half million adults received some form of treatment for an alcohol addiction at a specialized facility in the year of 2013, where as well over two million Americans became addicted to alcohol in the year of 2013.

Finding Rehabilitation as the Solution

For many, it comes as a surprise that drug abuse and addiction has made such a huge problem and crisis in such a small town like Firebaugh.  But, that very much is the case and it has been so for some time now.  This has been caused by a very gradual but very concerning spread of drug and alcohol abuse outwards and into outlying towns, suburbs, bedroom communities, rural areas, isolated towns, and farming communities all across the state of California.

Why did this happen though?  The key is that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse has already been a huge crisis and problem in California’s big cities and it has been for some time now too.  How the problem got all the way out to Firebaugh was the simple result of a gradual and a very concerning transcendence of drug and alcohol abuse and the trafficking of drugs outwards from big metro areas and into small towns and rural communities and bedroom communities and suburbs too.  The basic truth here was that drug dealers and criminals in general began to push their substances further and further out from the big cities, the end result being that they started to target small towns and more rural areas and towns.

The key to besting these issues and to getting rid of them once and for all lies in pushing those who are addicted into and through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers detox facilities rehab program and recovery organizations.  With the help of such organizations this problem will finally go down and something will finally have been done about it.

With rehabilitation, those who are addicted in Firebaugh can finally see something new and achieve something great for themselves by for the first time ever kicking their drug and alcohol addiction problems.