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Make the choice today to transform your life and make substance abuse a thing of the past for you or a loved one. You are in the driver’s seat in taking back control of your life, but you are never alone. Change your life by taking the first step.

The first step to freedom from chemical dependency is to call our drug and alcohol abuse hotline. You’ll obtain information on and access to the best rehabilitation centers with trained, professional staff who can help you find an inpatient, or residential, treatment facility with a proven record of success.

In addition to assisting with finding treatment facilities, calling our non-profit hotline immediately connects you with someone who understands what you or your loved one is going through and who can help you understand the rehab process

Help is available and is only a call away. Start your new life today.

Call to Start Your Journey to a Drug-Free Life

Regardless of whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or if you are trying to find treatment programs for a loved one, calling our drug and alcohol hotline is the best way to find top-rated addiction rehab programs.

When you call our hotline as a user, you will be met with care and compassion. The goal of the specialist on the phone will be to listen to you and advise you of treatment options for yourself or your loved one. You will never be judged. Instead, you’ll be free to discuss whatever is on your mind and to learn more about finding a treatment center that can help you change your life.

What to Expect When You Call

Regardless of whether you are seeking help for yourself or another, get help today. Calling our substance abuse hotline can provide you immediate access to the following:

  • Someone who will listen to you
  • Expert advice
  • Access to inpatient rehabs
  • Care and support
  • A free benefits check

Trained specialists will be able to help with everything from identifying signs of drug addiction to available treatment options. You can expect to be heard, understood, supported, and helped.

We’ll Help with Intervention

As a friend or relative of an addict, you’ve probably heard of interventions, but it’s likely you aren’t sure how to stage one or what the entire process involves. The counselor you reach on our crisis hotline can help you navigate the process and give you the specific professional guidance you need to help those you love.

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, take action today. Call our drug and alcoholism helpline as the first step of moving toward a substance-free life.

What to Know Before You Call

When calling our hotline, there is no need to be nervous. You will be met with care and compassion. You never have to worry about being judged. Simply be prepared to be honest about the extent of the alcohol dependency and how it is impacting your life. Being open and upfront is important for us to be able to assist you in getting the help you need.

If you are calling for a family member or friend, please find out as much as possible about the extent of their addiction, including how long the individual has been addicted to alcohol and frequency of use. We also recommend that you also know the individual’s insurance information so that we can help you find a treatment program that is covered.

Professionals need to know as much about you or your loved one’s addiction as possible so that they can provide specific and relevant guidance. For example, there may be underlying emotional trauma that contributes to the heavy drinking. In addition to the alcoholism, other worrisome behaviors — suicidal thoughts/actions, aggression, violence, etc. — may be present. Providing as much information as possible will assist you in getting the help you or your loved ones need.

Call us today 877-420-2948 an inpatient treatment center can help you transform your life.