Fairfax is well known, incorporated town in Marin County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. Fairfax is located just about 3.25 miles west-northwest of San Rafael, at an elevation of about 115 feet.  The population of the city was 7,441 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau. Fairfax is the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority in the town council in fact, which makes it quite unique.

Fairfax is also a pretty economically affluent little city.  The median income for a household in the town was about $58,465, and the median income for a family was $68,308. Males had a median income of right on the money at $51,457 versus about $40,815 for females. The per capita income for the town came in at $34,080. About 4.3% of families and 6.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 6.6% of those under age 18 and 7.6% of those ages 65 or over.

Fairfax is all about the conservation of the environment and all that that entails.  Soils in the Fairfax area mostly belong to the Tocaloma Series as classified by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service.  Furthermore, these soils consist of moderately deep, well drained soils on uplands. These soils are typically formed from sandstone and shale and often occur on slopes ranging above 15 percent too.

As for some history of the city, in the mid-1960s, a softball game between Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead took place at Central Field (also known as Contratti Park), a public downtown baseball field, which was a historic event at that time.  Furthermore, Irving Berlin used to serenade from a treetop piano at Pastori’s Hotel, formerly Bird’s Nest Glen, the home of Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax, and later known as the Marin Town & Country Club.  All in all, this was, has been, is, and will continue to be a pretty interesting and unique little city.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Leave Their Mark in Fairfax

Substance abuse has sadly, definitely begun to have a negative effect on Fairfax.  This issue has just been getting worse and worse in this once peaceful, small, and quiet and quaint town.  For some statistics on the matter:

• Crystal meth is increasing in popularity rather rapidly, especially in small town California thanks to trafficking from Mexico.  For example, more than one and a half million Americans over the age of twelve try meth every year, and a high percentage of those who try it then become addicted to it in the long run.

• Alcohol abuse amongst parents of young children is becoming far more common than it used to be in the state of California.  According to a recent study done in the year 2012 by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) more than ten percent of U.S. children live with a parent who has an alcohol addiction or abuse problem.

Necessitating Rehab as the Number One Fix

An addiction crisis has shown its face in Fairfax, an addiction crisis the likes of which this nation has never seen before in fact.  The problem here has been a major one to say the least and it probably will continue to be major for some time into the future.  The fact of the matter is, addiction and substance abuse is just gradually worsening all across the nation and in a big way too, time and time again and with no real sign of anything changing, lessening, or dropping off in any way either.  True enough, the addiction problem is a major one not only in the city of Fairfax, but all across the nation for that matter, and especially in California.

California has experienced a lot of addiction problems that go back quite some time.  For example, the issues that this state has experienced are totally unique to this state.  This state experiences more drug trafficking than any other state in the Union, and it now has reduced marijuana laws which means that gateway drugs are far easier to get ahold.  When you add into that the addition of prescription drugs that are highly abusive and addictive and you have a pretty major addiction problem on your hands almost immediately.  The truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction really could not get any worse either, and the statistics and the history is there to prove it.

The addiction problem in Fairfax is simply a reflection of exactly the kinds of problems that are being faced in the rest of the state of California.  This is a city and this is a state that have both suffered quite a bit when it comes to addiction and substance abuse.  Fairfax, even though it is a small city, still has experienced addiction problems the likes of which it has never experienced before.

The key to addressing this issue is with inpatient rehabilitation.  That really is the only way to handle such a serious and such a worrisome problem the likes of this one.  This is a deadly and a very concerning problem to say the least, but it can all be reduced with inpatient rehabilitation.  Inpatient rehabilitation now more than ever is what is needed and wanted in Fairfax and it is needed and wanted now.  With it, the city can finally get a new chance at life because with it those who are addicted in the city can be freed from their addictions.