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Spokane is the fourth largest city and metropolitan region in the Pacific Northwest.  With a population of over 200,000 in the city and over 400,000 in the metropolitan area Spokane is only behind Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland as far as size.  Spokane is also the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis.

In its history Spokane has seen several ups and downs when it comes to growth.  It saw a huge boom of residents in the early twentieth century due to mining operations and the expansion of the railroads.  The population grew 183 percent to over 100,000 in the years between 1900 and 1910.  In the last 100 years the population has only increased by the same amount, and the area saw a loss of population in the 1960s.

Historically natural resources have been the foundation of Spokane’s economy with mining, agriculture, and logging providing much of the region’s economic activity.  In recent years economic development has been primarily focused on six industries which include aerospace manufacturing, manufacturing, information technology, health services, digital media, and clean technology.

Spokane Drug Addiction & Abuse Issues

Washington is a state that experiences a high rate of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  According to a report released by the White House Washington ranks in the top ten of states for several categories related to substance abuse.  Among these are past-month illicit drug use, past-year non-medical use of prescription pain relievers, and drug-induced deaths.  These statistics indicate that drug and alcohol addiction are a major problem in the state, and one that is likely to get worse in the future.

Alcohol is the most widely abused substances that patients seek help for at Spokane drug rehab centers.  Over 70 percent of all admissions include alcohol as one of the primary reasons that treatment is necessary.  Alcohol has a high incidence of physical dependence among heavy drinkers which is characterized by a difficult and dangerous withdrawal syndrome.  Alcoholics often need professional help to achieve and maintain sobriety over time.

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in the state, and also ranks as the highest for primary treatment center admissions.  In spite of the fact that many people see it as a harmless non-habit forming drug the high number of treatment center admissions would indicate otherwise.  Spokane drug rehab centers understand that pot addiction can lead to several negative consequences for regular users, and offer help to be able to quit using the drug for good.

Stimulants such as methamphetamine are the second on the list of illicit substances for primary treatment admissions in Spokane.  Cocaine also sends a large number of individuals to Spokane drug rehab centers each year, and both substances can be very hard to quit.  Stimulants are known for a strong psychological dependence which makes long lasting changes in the brain.  Experiencing intense cravings for a prolonged period of time is common and cause many stimulant addicts to relapse.  Spokane substance abuse treatment programs are vital for long-term abstinence for stimulant addicts.

Opiates such as heroin and prescription painkillers cause a strong physical dependence in regular users.  This is characterized by uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which set in only hours after the last use.  Opiate withdrawal is very difficult to manage and often requires a thorough detoxification in a supervised environment.  Spokane drug rehab centers realize that this is only the first step of opiate addiction recovery, and can get addicts through this tough period with a minimum amount of discomfort.  They can then provide addicts with new life, and coping skills that will help with relapse prevention.

Regardless of the substance of abuse the end result of addiction is always the same.  Over time the drug takes over the addict’s life, and causes a wide variety of problems.  Addiction tears relationships apart, and can affect the user’s health and well-being.  Addiction recovery is a long-term process that requires commitment and support to maintain.  Spokane drug rehab centers have experiencing treating individuals with all types of substance abuse related problems, and give addicts and alcoholics their best overall chance at living a drug-free life.

How Spokane Drug Rehab Centers Can Help and how to Find One

Addiction is a complex condition that when left untreated rarely gets better on its own.  When faced with mounting consequences many addicts and their families can begin to feel that the situation has become hopeless.  The truth is that addiction recovery is possible, and it is probably easier to get help than you might think.  In fact there are Spokane drug rehab centers available that offer a wide range of services based on individual resources and needs.

Choosing a treatment program can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are professional treatment specialists who can walk you through the process.  Armed with the right personal addiction information these specialists can ensure that an addict finds a center that will be a good fit.  This can mean the difference between success and failure, and result in the healthy and productive life that every addict deserves.  A life of addiction is filled with loss and misery, and no individual should be expected to face it alone.

Spokane drug rehab centers offer effective solutions in inpatient and outpatient settings, offer a variety of addiction treatment models, and have public and private options available to addicts of all means.  Any addict that reaches out can find help as long as they are willing to give treatment a try.  Treatment is not only suggested but is often necessary so don’t wait for the problem to get worse before making your decision.

A healthy drug-free life is available and treatment specialists can help.  Regardless of personal history there is a treatment center that will be right for you.  Addiction recovery is a long-term process which requires support and change.  Let Spokane drug rehab centers help you start on this path today.  Learn how to stop using now, and develop the skills necessary to maintain abstinence for a lifetime.  For more information call us today at 877-420-2948.