Cudahy is a small and very poor city located in southeastern Los Angeles County, in the state of California in the United States of America. In terms of overall land mass area, Cudahy is the second smallest city in all of Los Angeles County, after Hawaiian Gardens, but with one of the highest population densities of any incorporated city in the entire United States. It is part of the Gateway Cities region, so it is still a dense urban area but not quite in the middle of LA.  Cudahy is populated predominantly by Latino immigrants and has a population of 23,805 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.  Nowadays, after World War II the population of Cudahy worked for plants operated by General Motors, Chrysler, Firestone, and Bethlehem Steel alike. In 2007 the largest employers in Cudahy were the Kmart/Big Lots Center and the Superior Super Warehouse, as the factories have not been hiring as many people as usual.

An analysis based on United States Census Bureau census data classified Cudahy as the 4th least educated city in all of California with 37.9 of its population not having completed the ninth grade even.  According to the 2010 United States Census specifically, Cudahy had a median household income of $38,267, with 31.8% of the population living below the federal poverty line too.  All in all, this city is small and really a supporting town of other, bigger cities, and it is the bigger towns around it that often have to step in and help out with public issues in Cudahy.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in and Around Cudahy

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and the whole matter of addiction, in general, has become pretty dangerous and serious issue in this once prosperous city.  The city has taken a major turn for the worse since the turn of the century, and many feel as though it has something to do with drug trafficking through this city to get to the bigger cities, urban areas, towns, and metro areas too.  It is unfortunate for this city to lie right on some of those major trafficking routes.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction isn’t just a problem in Cudahy though.  It’s a big deal all across the nation.  It’s a big problem with cocaine and prescription drugs in California particularly.  True enough:

• To take a look at whom exactly abuses drugs in the United States of America, it has been found that men have a much higher likelihood of abusing drugs than women do.  More men die from drugs than women do, and far more men abuse drugs than women.  Coincidentally, though, women actually have a higher statistical likelihood of dying from drug abuse than men do, though the sheer difference in the numbers of men versus the numbers of women who abuse drugs makes up for it.

• Prescription drugs now actually claim more lives than any other type of drug on a yearly basis.  This is truly sorrowful as these drugs are legal, proclaimed to be safe, and are in fact hard-sold on Americans on a daily basis to get them to use them.  For the facts on this, in the year of 2005 only 22,400 Americans died from drug overdoses, but in 2013, over forty-thousand Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses,  prescription drugs having accounted for more than half of that total figure, showing that while most deaths from other drugs have stayed the same, prescription drug deaths have skyrocketed.

• The U.S. is currently struggling with an influx of cocaine drugs and cocaine addiction that has been having a huge effect on the nation.  The 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), reported that well over thirty-five million Americans from the ages of twelve and older had used cocaine and had almost definitely become addicted to it.  The very same research project also found that nine million Americans from the ages of twelve and older admitted to having used crack, the much more potent and addictive form of cocaine itself.

Rehabilitation Sought as an Effective Means of Beating Addiction Once and for All

There is much to be said for the efforts of other cities and towns with their own respective drug problems.  Namely, what is to be said is that they worked.  The technique that worked was that of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  Inpatient rehab is the right and proper tool for addressing and neatly handling any type of drug problem that lands anywhere, and this is exactly what is needed in and around Cudahy.  With proper and effective inpatient rehab, this city will improve regularly as a result and drug abuse and alcohol abuse can finally become something of the past for the residents of Cudahy and their families.

Inpatient rehabs have what it takes to help people beat addiction once and for all.  It isn’t always the easiest thing to really be successful in winning the battle against addiction.  It certainly isn’t successful if one tries to go about it without professional help.  This is exactly why inpatient rehab exists.  Inpatient rehab applies both detoxes to address and handle the chemical aspects of addiction, but it also applies the methods of counseling and therapy to handle mental and psychological addiction.  In the end, with proper rehab, Cudahy could quickly become a totally rehabilitated town and can put its name on the map as a place to be once and for all.