Corcoran is a pleasant and well-recognized city in Kings County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. Corcoran is located just a mere 17 miles south-southeast of Hanford, at an elevation of 207 feet total.  It is part of the Hanford–Corcoran Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 24,813 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau up from 14,458 at the 2000 census. The California Department of Finance estimated that Corcoran’s population was 22,691 on January 1, 2016.

Corcoran is most famous as the site of the California State Prison, Corcoran, home to a number of notable inmates such as Charles Manson, and Juan Corona.  The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran is a separate facility that is also located in the city too.  The city might be best known for this, but this is a good thing as these inmates are all experiencing correctional care and are becoming better individuals as a result of it thanks to Corcoran.  As of January 1. 2015, the two prisons held a combined total of 9,592 inmates all in all.  Inmates are counted as city residents by both the United States Census and the California Department of Finance too. Thus, the incarcerated persons in the two prisons comprise just over 43% of the total population of Corcoran.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Takes its Toll on the Residents of Corcoran

Perhaps it is an influence of having the prisons so close by, but perhaps it has nothing to do with that, but regardless there has been a significant increase in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in and around Corcoran in recent years.  This is a city that has sadly suffered quite a bit with drug and alcohol addiction and truly has shown no sign of ever reality stopping that anytime soon.

To make matters worse, this isn’t even the only city that has suffered in this way either.  Many other cities all across the state of California have experienced similar problems too, and this can be showcased to a degree with the following statistics:

• Drunk driving, a crime almost always only committed by actual alcohol addicts, kills more innocent Americans who are not addicts than any other form of accidental death at the hands of a drug or alcohol addict.  It is alarming how often this happens.  For example, in the year of 2013, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for a resounding 10,076 deaths all in all.  Alcohol abuse actually accounted for 30.8 percent of overall driving fatalities from that year alone, and the majority of those fatalities were unfortunately not the alcoholic himself or herself, but the other victims of the crash, which is what is truly saddening about it all.

• The sheer overall number of drug overdoses that are occurring in the United States every single year is and has been climbing rapidly for some time now.  Between the years 2001 and 2010 for example, drug poisoning and overdose deaths in the U.S. almost doubled in number to now measure over 17,000 deaths in the year of 2010 alone.  The truly unfortunate thing about these deaths is that the number one killer was opioid pain reliever drugs, which are legal and encouraged drugs!  These were drugs that were prescribed and bought legally, yet they killed more Americans than heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth combined, as insane as that is.

Rehabilitation: The Real Damages that are Done by Addiction

Sadly substance abuse and addiction has become a pretty common and dangerous issue in and around Corcoran and has been so for some time now.  If something is not done soon then it truly is feared that the issue will just worsen over and over again until it veritably takes over.  This is the major concern in Corcoran and has been for some time now.  Currently, the biggest threat to the lives and the well-being of the residents of Corcoran, particularly the young adults, lies in drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  This problem has been a major and severe one, to say the least and has shown no sign of going away anytime soon.

This has been the lot of life in Corcoran for some time now, but it doesn’t have to be.  With inpatient rehab, the prospect of beating drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general once and for all becomes a realistic prospect indeed.  It might take some time to pull this off effectively, but it is quite possible and very doable.  There could be zero drug and alcohol addicts in and around Corcoran if they all went through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox programs, rehab centers, and recovery organizations.  This is effective and it is highly beneficial for those who are hooked on drugs and alcohol here.

Corcoran certainly is suffering, but the condition is reversible.  With the help of inpatient rehab, Corcoran can once again finally know the success and happiness that it needs and wants to have.  Now more than ever is the time for those who are addicted here to reach out and make a difference by entering into rehabilitation centers and programs.