Conquer Addiction With a Total Life Overhaul

Contrary to what you may have heard, you aren’t powerless in the face of your addiction. Millions of others have overcome their addictions, and you can too. You just need the help of trained addiction counselors to show you how to beat your chemical dependency.

Change Your Life to Beat Addiction

Addiction affects every aspect of your life, which is why you need a total life overhaul to defeat it. What changes do you need to make to beat addiction? To move beyond addiction, you must:

  • Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Build healthy coping skills so you can face the challenges of daily life drug-free.
  • Learn to overcome urges to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Repair the damage addiction has done to your relationships with family and friends.
  • Rebuild your professional life.
  • Develop or rediscover valuable life skills.
  • Uncover the often deep-seated emotional and psychological life problems that have contributed to or even caused your issues with addiction.

Get an Addiction Counselor’s Help

When it comes to solving the life problems that lead to addiction, you need the help of trained addiction counselors. Counselors who specialize in addiction therapy know how to address your addictive behaviors and replace them with healthy coping skills. They also know how to tease out the problems underlying your addictive behaviors and give you the tools to solve them. Many addiction counselors have post-graduate training in psychology, counseling methods for addiction treatment, or substance abuse.

Fortunately, many insurance companies cover rehabilitation costs, helping you to get the treatment you need to rid yourself of addiction. Therefore, your existing insurance plan may cover counselors and additional rehabilitation options, including inpatient treatment.

Do the Self-Work

Drug and alcohol problems are often a symptom of deeper emotional or psychological problems. Often, but not always, these problems are the result of past trauma. Your addiction counselor will help you find the roots of your addiction and pull them out, so that you can move forward into a brighter future.

An addiction counselor can help you see how your addiction has led you to forfeit your sense of accountability. You may have placed the blame for your addictive behaviors on friends or loved ones, rather than face the fact that you lost control. The counselor can help you see how taking responsibility for your actions can make you feel empowered to vanquish addiction.

One of the most important parts of restructuring your life to recover from addiction is learning your addiction triggers. These are the things, people, places, feelings, and circumstances that cause you to use. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, your addiction counselor can teach you to recognize these triggers and avoid them. For triggers that you may not be able to avoid — like feelings, for example — your counselor will teach you how to cope in healthy, substance-free ways.

Heal Your Relationships

Addiction has injured those close to you as much or more as it has injured you, and your relationships suffered as a result. Your addiction counselor may recommend family therapy so that you and your loved ones can work through the pain your addiction has caused together. You’ll all have the chance to talk about how addiction has hurt you, in a safe environment, mediated by a therapist.

Polish Up Your Life Skills

You’ll need to work on strengthening your interpersonal skills, especially if you’ve been used to being under the influence when socializing. You may also have to get used to taking care of yourself again, especially if loved ones have been picking up some of your slack. Depending on your situation, you may need help building a resume, finding a job, or enrolling in school. Your addiction counselor can help you with these things, or refer you to someone who can.

Recovering from addiction can be intimidating at first, but it gets easier with time. The important thing is to stick with it. As the months and years go by, the changes you make in your life overhaul will stop being changes and become business as usual.