The city of Clayton is a pleasant, upper middle-class city in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The population was 10,897 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  The city is thought to be a very special place by not only the locals but by those who visit there too.  The city is known for having exceptional people who live there full time and part time, who all have a deep appreciation for the community’s history, its tradition and its tendency towards volunteerism.

For its geographic location, Clayton is pleasantly centered right at the base of picturesque Mt. Diablo.  Clayton is able to offer its residents a small time feel with big cities nearby.  In fact, Clayton is in close proximity to the greater San Francisco Bay Area with all the amenities, sports and cultural opportunities offered by that choice location in that wonderful, pleasant, and serene metro area.

Clayton is known for being one of the safest residential communities in the San Francisco area.  This is a town which values the civic partnership with business leaders, community leaders, and neighboring towns as well.  Clayton is also known for being very well established in its community efforts. The city is culturally established with regular community efforts and festivals and activities. The city hosts such Bay Area favorites as the Art and Wine Festival, a great 4th of July Parade, an annual Rib Cook-off, an Oktoberfest celebration, and the very, very popular Concerts in The Grove summer series.  All in all, this city has a lot of really great things going for it.

Drugs Trafficked into Clayton

Sadly, Clayton fits the bill exactly for the types of cities and towns that are now being targeted the most by drug dealers, traffickers, pushers, and drug criminals in general.  This is a very concerning problem but also a very real one too.  The fact of the matter is that substance abuse is a rapidly spreading problem all across California.  Sadly, the issues involving this have begun to spread outwards from the big cities and metro areas and into the outlying towns, cities, and suburban areas.  Even rural communities have been affected by this epidemic.  Clayton in particular (partially because there’s so much money in the city and partially because they are not used to battling drug abuse), has been targeted by multiple San Francisco drug groups.  Something needs to be done about this and quick too before it gets any worse.

Rehabilitation is the Answer in Clayton

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, in general, is a big problem and make no mistake.  This is one of those problems that just keeps getting worse and worse no matter what we seem to be able to do about it.  This is an issue and it has been an issue for decades now.  Many are confused as to how drug and alcohol abuse and addiction could be a problem in Clayton.  It’s actually quite simple.

All up and down the West coast and for many years now drug dealers and traffickers have been packing up and moving their operations outwards from bigger cities and into smaller towns and more rural areas.  The whole idea here was that these areas and these places (virtually untouched by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction yet), would be able to afford drug dealers and traffickers and criminals in general with more business and revenue than they had been getting in the metro and urban areas.  According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) drug criminals have pretty much done as much damage as they can do in bigger cities in California, and now (especially since they have a direct line to nearby Mexico), they are pushing their trades of operations outwards into other, more small town and middle class areas.

What can be done about problems like these?  Obviously, the answer needs to be a good one, and an answer needs to be arrived at and fast too before the problem gets any worse.  Thankfully, there is an answer to successfully winning against addiction and substance abuse, even if those who are currently addicted do not see it.  The key is in rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of an inpatient nature is the number one, most successful and by far most efficient approach to just taking addiction and knocking it completely out of the park.  Just really hammering it away so that it never comes back again.  With proper rehab, this is exactly what happens and it happens quite quickly too.  Now more than ever the main focus in Clayton needs to be on getting all who are addicted there into and through such rehab programs.  With proper rehab, this whole issue will finally just become something of the past for the city of Clayton.