Bowie Drug Rehabilitation

Bowie, once only a small railroad stop, has grown over the years and at 54 thousand people today, it is now the largest municipality in Prince George’s County and the fifth largest city in Maryland.

The city would never have been if it weren’t for the railroad system in America. In 1853 Colonel William Duckett Bowie obtained a charter to construct a rail line that would lead into Southern Maryland. The construction on it began in 1869 by the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Company.

In 1870 building plots in around the railroad junction were sold and the settlement was founded and named Huntington City. Huntington City was renamed Bowie to honor the son of William Duckett Bowie and Oden Bowie, who was the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad President at the time and was previously the Maryland Governor.

In 1902 the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Company was purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad and a second railroad enter the area. The convergence of the two rail systems attracted more business to the area and the Southern Maryland Agricultural Society chose to build the Bowie Race Track there in 1914. This lead to the Belair Stud becoming one of Maryland’s premier areas for thoroughbreds.

Since then the city has moved away from the railroad business. Today the Inovalon corporation is the largest employer with over 2,500 employees followed by Prince George’s County Public Schools which employs 1,063 people.

Heroin and Prescription Drugs, a New Subculture of Addicts:

Prescription drug abuse is growing out of control throughout the entire nation and in some states has actually surpassed alcohol abuse even. This recent trend started heavily about 10 years ago and has only been getting worse. Among all of the prescription drugs that are abused, opiates and opioids are by far the most common.

Prescription opiates and opioids are used for pain relief and the type of specific drug prescribed depends on the amount of pain the patient has. The most common opiates and opioids are:

– Vicodin

– Oxycodone

– OxyContin

– Morphine

– Methadone

– Suboxone

The danger in this drug is its highly addictive nature, its high rate of overdose and the devastating damage it does to the body. It is closely related to the street drug heroin and the high felt from it is very similar. This means when the supply of prescription drugs runs out, or the person no longer can afford to buy them on the street, they will likely turn to heroin to feed their cravings as it can be obtained for as little as $5 to $10 a dose.

Another trend that has been emerging is in the combination of heroin with prescription drugs into what is being called “Super Heroin”. Super Heroin is made by lacing or mixing heroin with fentanyl. The resulting high is similar to a heroin high but much stronger. The danger in this is far greater than that of regular heroin.

This new concoction can quickly put someone into an overdose. Further danger is in the withdrawal, by mixing these two drugs you not only compound the withdrawal symptoms, making the symptoms stronger, but also people who then try and relieve these symptoms with their “regular stash” may find that they are now still experiencing withdrawal from the fentanyl while high from heroin.

Reports Indicate that Overdoses Could Double:

Deaths caused by drug and alcohol overdose are racing up, causing them to be on track to double since last year. Most of the overdose deaths are caused by the combination of more than one drug, usually including an opiate. Often times this isn’t even intentional, but is done unknowingly.

Combining drugs can be very deadly. When different drugs are mixed together they not only add to each others’ effect but actually multiply each individual drug’s effects or strength.  An example of a common, but dangerous, combination is using alcohol and marijuana together.  The alcohol combines with the THC, the drug in marijuana, and produces a serious distortion in sensory perception, distortion in a person’s sense of time and a decrease in their reaction time.  Combining alcohol and marijuana can also be dangerous because marijuana suppresses nausea.  This can be very harmful because one of the body’s natural defenses against alcohol poisoning is to vomit.  Therefore, when mixing the two drugs together, the person is preventing their body from getting alcohol out of their stomach before it enters the bloodstream, which could be fatal.

When opiates enter into the equation, the dangers are much higher. Opiates alone are dangerous enough, but some people mix taking them with other drugs or even other opiates. One common mix is the combination of opiates and alcohol. People who do this do so to enhance the opiate high or to relax even more. But the combination of these two causes an exponential damage to the body compared to the damage done by taking either one.

Bowie Drug Treatment:

Addiction to alcohol and drugs destroys lives every day, they strain and even tear apart families, friendships and work relationships. Besides the damage it does to the users mind and body, the damage it does to those closest to the addict is also very serious. Recovery from addiction is hard and the stronger the drug the harder the recovery can be, but it is possible and obtained by people every day.

Unfortunately Bowie has no listed drug rehab centers, which means that you will need to travel outside the city to find a center for yourself or your loved one. If you are looking for an outpatient care program, this may be a bit of work travelling back and forth. Since you will need to travel outside of the city to begin with, you may want to go with an inpatient care program.

Inpatient care programs have been proven to be much more effective with a much smaller chance of relapse.