Everyone who is suffering from addiction issues has their own unique story to tell. There is no one reason behind addiction developing in a person and for that reason, there are varying treatment approaches available. Some people respond better to outpatient care, whereas others need to immerse themselves in a completely different environment in residential… Read More »

For people who are having issues with alcohol, there are now more ways than ever to reach out for help. Everyone has different medical needs and when treating alcohol use disorder or AUD, the care required will depend on a number of factors. There are varying degrees of AUD which range from misuse through to… Read More »

What Are The Facts About Alcohol Addiction and Its Treatment? There are millions of American men and women currently struggling with alcohol abuse in varying degrees. Alcoholism is a physical dependence on alcohol that is characterized by an inability to control the compulsion to drink. Although treatment for alcoholism is eminently possible, many are still… Read More »

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Are Holistic Therapies Effective in Addiction Treatment? Holistic therapies have been increasingly incorporated into addiction treatment programs in recent years and have recognized potential for being highly effective for long-term recovery. The word ‘holistic’ refers to the treatment of the whole person in terms of mind, body and spirit and therapies are combined with traditional medical… Read More »

What Makes Inpatient Addiction Treatment So Effective? Addiction is a complex illness that affects different areas of the brain, including those that control behavior, learning, and motivation. The negative effects become more severe as addictive behavior continues and often starts to have a damaging impact on a person’s performance at work and their close personal… Read More »