What Treatments are Available for Drug Addiction? Addiction is not a disease that appears overnight and begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. However, although choice plays a part in the initial stages of drug use, as time goes by and dependence develops, the need to use becomes a compulsion. The long term damage… Read More »

Detox: The First Step on the Road to Recovery Once someone has taken the decision to get help for drug or alcohol abuse, they have made one of the most significant strides towards recovery. The next step is to learn how to live a life in sobriety without the compulsion to use drugs but before… Read More »

Drug addiction is something that affects people from all types of backgrounds and statuses. It is a non-discriminatory illness that not only affects the sufferer, but everyone around them. Knowing the signs someone is developing a dependence on drugs can be important in getting them help sooner rather than later. However, when someone is abusing the… Read More »

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If a person is abusing addictive prescription drugs, they may be thinking that the medicine is safer or less addictive than using street drugs.  After all, the drugs were prescribed by a doctor, so the person abusing the drugs might think their use is okay. But prescription drugs aren’t safe, even if they’re prescribed to… Read More »

Putting the pieces back together should be celebrated. In fact, it’s a great accomplishment. Finding the best drug addiction treatment center doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes research and due diligence. Knowing how to determine whether the rehab facility is top notch, and one that will work for you takes time. Let’s start… Read More »