For many years, the 12 step approach to addiction recovery has been hailed as the standard, primarily because it is one of the oldest support structures in existence. These days there are tens of thousands of NA and AA groups scattered around the world. The Purpose of 12 Step Recovery Programs The 12 steps were… Read More »

There are many benefits of outpatient addiction treatment for people seeking to combat substance abuse. Not everyone requires a residential program. Some may have a caregiving role at home that prevents them from committing themselves to a residential treatment program requiring weeks and sometimes months of attendance. Conversely, people who have completed a residential program… Read More »

Alcoholism is an illness that develops after prolonged use of alcohol that is commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder. Alcohol abuse differs from drug-taking in that the substance in itself is not illicit or illegal. When a person has reached the point where they want to quit drinking, they need to seek specialist alcohol… Read More »

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Holistic or “alternative” therapies are nothing new, and our awareness of varying practices such as meditation and yoga has never been greater. However, less is known about how holistic approaches can be beneficial in addiction treatment. In this article, we take a closer look at the alternative therapies that are increasingly being offered at holistic… Read More »

Everyone who is suffering from addiction issues has their own unique story to tell. There is no one reason behind addiction developing in a person and for that reason, there are varying treatment approaches available. Some people respond better to outpatient care, whereas others need to immerse themselves in a completely different environment in residential… Read More »