There is a sinister side to cocaine that makes it possible for an individual to overdose on first use due to it being manufactured in seedy labs and cut with toxic substances to increase dealers’ profits. When a person overdoses on cocaine, they risk severe medical complications such as heart attack or seizures and potentially… Read More »

The term “alcoholic” is bandied about a great deal in society when people are referring to an individual who they think drinks too much. Because of this, we have built a stereotypical image of an alcoholic as being a person whose life is falling apart at the seams as a consequence of their drinking. Often… Read More »

When people are considering reaching out for help with addiction, their minds often turn to the most well-known support groups Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Both groups are based on the 12 steps to addiction recovery, which is a popularized treatment methodology founded in the 1930s that acknowledges addiction as being something other… Read More »

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When someone has become addicted to heroin, their lives revolve around using the drug. This is not through personal choice however; rather, they are being driven to use by their illness. Heroin is highly addictive which means that individuals can rapidly spiral quickly from use and abuse to full-blown addiction. However, there are now numerous… Read More »

Cocaine abuse is a significant issue in America and because of its potency, persistent use can lead to dependence, addiction, and even death. Because cocaine is a chemical substance that alters the function of the brain’s neurotransmitters, people react to taking the drug in very different ways. For this reason, someone can suffer serious and… Read More »