Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the person suffering from the addiction. It affects everyone close to that person. By helping your alcoholic family member overcome their alcoholism, you can help your whole family heal from the wounds of addiction.
But how can you help your alcoholic relative? Your loved one is probably in denial about their drinking problem and might even get defensive or combative when the subject comes up. Here are some tips to help you confront your alcoholic relative and support their recovery from alcoholism.

Bottom Tier — Recovery Support Groups These include 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous as well as groups like SMART Recovery and Women for Sobriety. Though recovery support groups all have different philosophies, one thing you can count on is that most of these groups do not feature accredited professionals who can provide daily or regular… Read More »

  Hartford has an important place in the history of Connecticut. For many years after the Civil War, it was the wealthiest city in America and held a place of prominence in the civil affairs of the country. As the capital of Connecticut, it still holds an important role in the governance of the state… Read More »

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