The first step of all treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction is detox which is when an individual abstains from drinking. Detox from alcohol is often something people are concerned about when considering seeking help from an alcohol treatment center and not knowing enough about what’s involved can be a barrier to getting treatment. In… Read More »

Although cocaine has a reputation for being a party drug, it is, in fact, one of the most dangerous substances in the world. Despite the dangers, millions of people regularly use cocaine recreationally to get the short-lived but intense high it creates. The fact that cocaine is fast-acting means that the high doesn’t last for… Read More »

Due to the fact that it is quite acceptable and normal for people to enjoy an occasional drink that it can be difficult to know if an individual has a problem with alcohol. Although some of the signs of alcohol abuse are very recognizable, others can be harder to identify. Additionally, the severity of alcohol… Read More »

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There was a time in the past when drug addiction was considered a sign of moral weakness, although thankfully attitudes have now changed. Addiction is now widely referred to as an illness that can be treated through detox and rehabilitation in drug treatment centers to allow individuals to live substance-free lives. Perhaps one of the… Read More »

There has been extensive media coverage on the high numbers of Americans dependent on or addicted to prescription painkillers. Some are calling the nation’s opiate addiction an epidemic that’s sweeping the country, leaving people hooked on highly potent opioids after initially using meds to treat chronic pain. The fact that this problem originates in the… Read More »