Of all the nations in the world, the United States is home to the largest population of prison inmates. This is a population of people whose care gets put into the hands of the government. Ultimately, however, their care is paid for by taxpayers’ dollars to the tune of nearly 80 million dollars a year.… Read More »

While technology has changed our society, it has not always been for the better. For example, texting while driving has lead to many fatal accidents, cell phones have replaced face to face communication, and paper jams in printers have lead to nothing but frustration. A new form of technology, however, is proving to be quite… Read More »

Across our nation, doctors are prescribing pain medications at historic levels. The pills are prescribed for anything from toothaches to broken bones. While the doctors think they are helping to control their patient’s pain, they may actually end up prolonging the agony of many more people. As the number of patients receiving prescription medication, such… Read More »

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Despite its inception almost 45 years ago, many citizens have labeled our current war on drugs as a failure. U.S. prison populations continue to rise while drug offenders and Opiate overdoses increase across the nation. As these epidemics continue, there are four new drug policies that may change how our nation approaches drug abuse. 1.… Read More »

Imagine your neighbors being up in arms about a Dialysis center coming to town. Imagine your zoning board denying the application of a cancer treatment facility. Imagine your town rejecting a multimillion-dollar property sale offer from a nursing home. These situations are difficult to imagine, because these are groups of people who society deems acceptable… Read More »