Although it can seem very scary and almost inconceivable, going to rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction is the best thing an addicted individual can do.  Without a doubt, drug and alcohol addiction kills relentlessly and at the very least these substances destroy lives faster than one can comprehend.  Going to an inpatient rehab… Read More »

Overdose.  This word in and of itself inspires sorrow and misery in those who have seen it occur, and remorse in those who knew it would happen, but did nothing.  The word even inspires a degree of discontent in those who have never even been directly connected with a drug or alcohol addict.  The truth… Read More »

Dentists Stepping it Up in Their Practices In the latest issue of the journal “Addiction” an alarming but pleasant article was written on this subject. From the years 2000 to 2011, many researchers from this journal went out and sampled 1,802 dentists all across the country using a survey created by the American Dental Association… Read More »

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Beating an alcohol addiction may indeed be one of the most difficult things an alcoholic may ever do in his or her life.  Indeed, it is not publicized enough but coming down off of alcohol is actually more likely to kill an individual if it not done properly than coming down off of heroin is. … Read More »

Binge drinking, an issue that warranted little to no concern or addressment in the United States a half a century ago, has risen to become one of the most significant health problems in the United States today.  More relaxed, punitive laws on illegal drinking coupled with a nation-wide increase in the general acceptance of alcohol… Read More »