National, Toll Free Drug Addiction Help Hotlines: A New Savior in a World of Addiction A new tool and helping hand has emerged amongst the morass and sadness that has flooded the airwaves in the subject of drug addiction and substance abuse in today’s world.  Drug addiction and substance abuse has never been worse than… Read More »

Some major efforts to fight drug abuse in the state of West Virginia took place recently.  These efforts are really setting the bar for what might be a very interesting and very futuristic way of fighting addiction once and for all.  U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin recently announced an interactive website and smartphone app to guide… Read More »

Perhaps the greatest innovation in helping drug and alcohol addicts come through addiction in the United States of the 21st century is that of toll-free, non profit, free, confidential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment help hotlines.  These help hotlines are making major waves in the addiction community, and are helping a lot on… Read More »

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Opiate Abuse and Addiction in the U.S.: Once a Crime, Now an Illness with a Cure Drug addiction and substance abuse is at a level right now the likes of which have never been seen in the United States.  Without a doubt the situation is major and serious, and if something is not done soon… Read More »

Alcohol Abuse in the United States Perhaps one of the weakest areas of human nature and one of the most elusive slippery slopes that comes up often in the United States is that of alcohol consumption.  Truthfully, most Americans have a pretty difficult time of carefully monitoring their alcohol consumption.  Essentially, human beings struggle with… Read More »