An addiction help hotline is just that, a help hotline.  Sometimes it can be tricky and even next to impossible to find the right recovery center, and this is where recovery helplines come in.  These call lines and websites have as their sole purpose helping individuals find and get into rehab as soon as possible. … Read More »

Sadly, alcohol abuse and alcoholism has now risen to be one of the nation’s greatest health concerns. In fact, the alcohol abuse issue has now risen to such a serious point that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that there alcohol abuse and addiction issue in the nation was now that of a… Read More »

Addiction is a cruel fate to say the least for a lot of people all across the nation.  In fact, drug and alcohol addiction has been gaining power and force all across the nation and with more and more people all across the nation since the turn of the century.    Addiction is on its way… Read More »

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For some time now, addiction help hotlines have done a lot of good in the sector of helping families who have someone within the family who is addicted to opiate drugs.  An addiction within the family is one of the worst things that any family can face in their time together.  The whole subject of… Read More »

Prescription Drug Abuse: A Cruel Fate for Those Afflicted with Such Addictions Sadly, without a doubt the single most terrible and destruction addiction crisis of the 21st century is that of prescription drug abuse.  Prescription drug abuse affects literally millions of Americans nationwide with tens of thousands of Americans dying from these addictions every year… Read More »