About Addiction in the United States and Why We Need Addiction Help Hotlines Recent years have seen a considerable spike in drug and alcohol abuse and with opiate abuse in particular in multiple different sectors and across many different areas of the United States. This is an issue that has grown and increased in severity… Read More »

For some time now drug and alcohol abuse hotlines have been doing a great deal of good in multiple different areas and fields.  A drug and alcohol abuse and addiction help hotline is any website that offers free, beneficial, non-profit, toll-free hotline numbers that one can call to instantly be put in touch with an… Read More »

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the United States Today In recent years drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has become a very major factor and a very disturbing issue indeed in key states and all across the United States in general. This has been particularly troubling, as since the turn of the century it has… Read More »

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Alcoholism in the Family: A Cruel Burden for not only the Addict, but for the Addict’s Family Too Alcoholism really does affect not just the alcoholic himself or herself, but that person’s whole family and extended family and close friends too.  Mothers and fathers both who inevitably struggle with alcoholism put themselves as well as… Read More »

If there is someone that you love who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s really pretty likely that you’re probably wondering how you can get them into rehab.  A lot of people wonder about how to help their friends, family member, and loved ones who are addicted, but not many know how to do… Read More »