Cocaine is the second most common killer amongst illicit drugs used in the US, killing more people than heroin. While media focus has been on prescription opioid abuse which is at epidemic levels, the cocaine supply from Latin America has risen sharply, leading to a surge in cocaine addiction and overdose deaths. In a study published… Read More »

According to a new study by US neuroscientists, alcohol pulls chemical levers in the brain to create positive experiences and cravings to consume more. The research reveals that one single alcoholic drink can affect memory formation for hours, creating critical changes in the brain’s chemistry to reinforce positive behaviors. These new insights into brain function… Read More »

Traditional 12-step recovery programs are possibly the best-known form of substance abuse rehab although it is not an approach that works for everyone. Known largely as a faith-based system of recovery support, 12 step programs are, in part, based on the belief that a person’s religious or spiritual conviction holds the key to overcoming addiction. The… Read More »

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Perhaps due to the fact that alcohol is an acceptable part of daily life, it is misused and abused. However, the term “alcoholic” is too often pinned on anyone who is seen to regularly drink to excess. As with all forms of addiction illness, there are varying degrees of alcoholism depending on the abuse history… Read More »

The number of people receiving heroin addiction treatment in America is rising at a rapid rate, exacerbated by over-availability of prescription opioids. Opioids are synthetic versions of heroin that are used in medications to legitimately treat chronic pain conditions but the risks of dependence and addiction are exceptionally high with these kinds of drugs. When… Read More »