Substance abuse has taken on a new face that has others all across the nation concerned and worried.  All across the United States ever since the turn of the century, children, teens, adolescents, and young adults are on the path to addiction despite seeing the destruction it’s done in their own families, according to addictions… Read More »

Addiction has become such a big problem of late that has enraptured and enraptured the minds and abilities of so many different individuals that there often seem like there is no hope that it will ever go down, disappear, or go away fully.  The truth of the matter is that addiction is indeed a terrible… Read More »

No one should have to suffer needlessly with addiction.  Addiction is a cruel plague and affliction that affects more than twenty-five million Americans currently.  Addiction is very easy to get and very difficult to get rid of.  Once one is addicted to drugs and alcohol, it becomes next to impossible to actually do something about… Read More »

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In a nation plagued with what many professionals have labeled the worst substance abuse and addiction problem since the nation’s inception, much concern and worry has been placed over what to do about those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Sure enough, the problem only seems to persist more and more as the years… Read More »

Substance abuse and addiction have gotten to be such serious and severe aspects of modern life in the nation today that much concern has been traded back and forth about just what the American nation can do about. Statistics on America’s Drug Epidemic • Alcoholism is easily and without a doubt the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of… Read More »