Heroin is one of the most dangerous and deadly substances on the planet which has become more widely used as a result of prescription medications containing a synthetic version of the drug. Many people who are prescribed opioid-based meds for pain conditions are finding themselves using heroin as a cheaper and more accessible substitute. Heroin… Read More »

Everyone seeking treatment for alcohol abuse has plenty of options to choose from. Some choose to go it alone and go cold turkey; some get treatment on an outpatient basis, whereas others opt for the most effective and safest routes to recovery by attending inpatient alcohol treatment. Cold Turkey When an individual goes cold turkey,… Read More »

According to scientific research published in the journal Addictive Behaviors, individuals who started using cocaine before they were 18 years old displayed differences in attention levels, working memory, and other brain functions. The research was completed on over 100 people who were abstaining from cocaine use and the impact of the substance on their cognitive… Read More »

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Despite the fact that there are numerous heroin addiction treatment options, heroin abuse and addiction endure. Among the almost 17 million people around the world who have experimented or used heroin or other opioids, estimates suggest around 25% become dependent on these substances. Prescription opioids which are essentially synthetic heroin are currently being abused by about… Read More »

Cocaine is the second most common killer amongst illicit drugs used in the US, killing more people than heroin. While media focus has been on prescription opioid abuse which is at epidemic levels, the cocaine supply from Latin America has risen sharply, leading to a surge in cocaine addiction and overdose deaths. In a study published… Read More »