About RehabHotline: Who We Are

RehabHotline.org is a drug and alcohol rehab hotline headquartered on the West coast. We have knowledgeable counselors available to take calls and help individuals find the right substance abuse treatment program. There’s no cost to call and talk to someone. We walk people through the process and let them know what they can expect.

We are here to listen.

Dependency on drugs or alcohol creates all sorts of problems in people’s personal and professional lives. If left untreated, these problems can destroy lives.

The purpose of our hotline is to listen to callers with these problems — or with loved ones who have such problems — and provide information on possible solutions. Our call center directs hundreds of callers to treatment programs all over the country every month. We even provide a free benefits check to help our callers find treatment facilities that accept their insurance. Callers are assured that we understand each situation is unique and that not every treatment program is right for every person.

When an individual calls our drug and alcohol rehab hotline, the call is answered by one of our experienced and caring counselors. Many of our counselors have personal experience with chemical dependency and know where you’re coming from.

We devote ourselves to learning more about the latest in treatment methods so we can pass that information on to people who need it. Education is one of the most valuable tools in the battle against substance abuse.

Our objective is to inform callers on addiction and rehabilitation. We want people to see that these situations are not hopeless and that there are solutions available.

If you have any questions about us or our services, please call 877-420-2948.