Why You Shouldn’t Discredit the Benefits of Local Rehab Programs

For those facing the harsh reality of drug or alcohol addiction, the choice to enter a rehab center and get clean or sober is a brave and difficult one. A dizzying array of options is available for those researching California rehabs as well as those further afield.

On the one hand, a far-distant facility offers the most tangible “fresh start” benefits, that is, a new place and new people. The temptation to resort to destructive lifestyle choices and habits can be much stronger when one remains in the place where those bad choices were already made.

However, there are also many benefits to local rehabs.

In a great many cases, addiction affects not only the user but his or her family and friends. Those same family and friends can prove to be the most beneficial element in the journey to recovery, providing inspiration and support.

Relationships and Recovery

Addiction is a demon that requires a concerted and committed effort to overcome. One’s relationship with oneself is the first and most important to establish, especially considering that often, the addictive behavior stemmed from some dysfunction in that most basic of relationships.

Relationships with friends and family can either bolster or bungle a recovery. Many addicts drive away those who had their best interests at heart while fostering relationships with those who enabled their destructive behavior. Ending or at least establishing boundaries with the latter can be key to changing those patterns of behavior that resulted in the addiction in the first place.

Importance of Connection

The decision to heal is one that an individual must make for themselves. But once that decision is made, the process itself need not be a solitary process. In fact, people are often more likely to do something difficult for the sake of someone else than for themselves. It’s true that bridges may have been burned during the period of addiction – some addictive behaviors are absolute wrecking balls for relationships – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be mended or rebuilt. The chance of doing so is often the motivation behind seeking help in the first place.

According to the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center, “A traditional therapeutic network consists of people who have a vested emotional interest in the recovering person’s wellbeing, such as a spouse or significant other, parents, children, friends, and colleagues. While this support system will have an impact extending beyond therapy, whether or not network members are directly involved, research shows a greater success rate when network members join their loved one on the path to wellness. Additionally, network members find that they benefit when included in therapy sessions.”

Solutions Close to Home

The lifestyle landscape is essential to the recovery process. Repairing and leaning on relationships and loved ones during this period can be key to full rehabilitation.

Also, it can’t be discounted that if one is facing economic challenges, a local rehab facility may be far better suited for the very practical consideration of time and money. A distant facility is hardly going to provide the keys to success if one can’t afford to go there or stay there. Many insurance companies won’t pay for out-of-state rehabilitation, which can be a significant barrier to taking advantage of services provided.

For Californians looking for realistic and immediate solutions, California drug and alcohol rehab may simply be the best choice. With myriad options available and trained specialists on call who can connect one with the best possible resource, the beacon of hope may shine closer to home than one would at first imagine.

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