Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Being afflicted with a drug addiction or substance abuse issue is like carrying with one a ticking time bomb that could go off at any moment, ruining the individual’s life and even killing him or her at any given second and without warning.  Since the 21st century, the drug addiction issue in the United States has by far reached epic, never before seen proportions.  Without a doubt, this is an issue that is now a very serious crisis that warrants national attention.

When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the crisis that one carries with him or her takes him or her over completely, taking over all aspects and facets of his or her life.  If something is not done soon for an addicted individual, the problem will only get worse and worse and much much harder to address overall the longer the individual stays addicted to the substance.

24-Hour Help Through Addiction Hotlines within Inpatient Rehab Centers

The above explained severity of drug addiction and substance abuse is exactly why inpatient rehab centers need to and must offer twenty-four hour help to addicted individuals through help hotlines that the addicted individuals can call.  A help hotline can and often does act as an addict’s lifeline to what shred of life that he or she still holds on to.  Even if its just someone to talk to, or if the addict is seriously considering coming to the rehab that he or she is calling, help hotlines can offer almost unlimited help to those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Help hotlines are well worth the expense for a multitude of different reasons.  The obvious one is that help hotlines offer immense relief and aid to those afflicted with addiction.  Addicts often get the feeling that no one wants to help them or that their lives are worthless.  Help hotlines can be manned by ex-addicts or particularly compassionate individuals who can offer solace and comfort to addicts in their time of need.

Help hotlines also make it far easier for an asdic to confront the prospect of actually going to an inpatient rehab center and getting recovered and clean from his or her addiction.  The prospect of jumping straight into rehab abut of the blue is rather a lot for an addict to take in, and most of them honestly do not have the confront necessary to even consider such an action.  However if an addict has a phone conversation or two with a hotline counselor who is also a representative of a specific center then, after some trust building conversations and persuasions form the hotline counselor, the addict will be far more willing to consider the prospect of ridding himself or herself of addiction once and for all.

Help hotlines can also offer invaluable information to addicted individuals.  For example, many addicted individuals cannot afford the costs of private rehab centers, but it is only private rehab centers that can afford the expense of help hotlines.  However, most private rehab centers who have help hotlines will also equip their hotline counselors with lists of state funded, government sponsored, and sliding scale fee centers that can still help the addicted individual, even if he or she cannot afford better, higher success rated private rehab centers.  While government funded centers generally have very low success rates, they are by far better than no rehabilitation at all.  Obviously private centers are ideal for any addicted individual, but if he or she wants desperately to go to rehab but cannot pay for a private center or does not have health insurance, than the help hotline’s guidance toward a state funded center can sometimes be a literal lifesaver.

Without a doubt, twenty-four hour hotlines are more than worth their expense.  To truly address the rapidly growing addiction problem that is essentially sweeping through to every corner of the country, inpatient rehab centers everywhere should engage twenty-four hour help hotlines to help as many addicted individuals as they possibly can.

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