Alcoholism in the Family: A Cruel Burden for not only the Addict, but for the Addict’s Family Too

alcoholic family memberAlcoholism really does affect not just the alcoholic himself or herself, but that person’s whole family and extended family and close friends too.  Mothers and fathers both who inevitably struggle with alcoholism put themselves as well as their young children and other family members at risk for a number of social, emotional and psychological problems too.  Addiction is a spreading disease and whether it does not affect the other family members or loved ones opt an addict directly in the form of actually addicting them, it does affect the other family members and loved ones on an emotional, psychological, and behavioral level.

Mothers and fathers alike laboring under the burden of untreated alcoholism and drug abuse of some kind may neglect their children’s needs in some way or another, withdraw emotionally from them to a greater or lesser degree, or actually lash out violently, all of which and more of which can cause lasting emotional trauma for the kids themselves.  Children of an alcoholic mother or father are actually a lot more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and mental illness and may have trouble forming healthy adult relationships due to trust, abandonment, and other issues they developed as a result of their mother’s or father’s alcoholism.

These are all cruel and very realistic and factual issues that cause lots of trouble and difficulties in the lives of the individuals in question who are related to the person who is addicted to drugs and to alcohol.  The truth is, it is often up to the family members or loved ones of those addicted to do what is right and to do what is necessary to get them ready and willing to experience treatment of some kind or of some option.

Rehabilitation Addiction Hotlines: How to Kick a Drug Addiction Habit Once and for All

This is why the children and family members of drug and alcohol addicts need to learn about addiction rehabilitation help hotlines.  An addiction rehabilitation help hotline is essentially a tool that one who is concerned about someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol can use to help them beat the habit once and for all.  With the tools and the helping hands of such a hotline, one can simply call the hotline and receive immediate solutions.  Such hotlines provide effective and complete referrals to treatment centers and detox facilities and interventionist services too.

Addiction is a serious thing in the United States in today’s a day and age, and this is not to be taken lightly if someone has a family member or loved one who is abusing drugs and alcohol, to a greater or lesser extent.  This is something that needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed as soon as is possible.

•    According to a more recent 2013 study performed by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), it was truthfully found out that approximately a minimum of one and a half million individuals, (from the ages of only twelve to twenty specifically), were heavy, daily, around the clock, dangerous drinkers and general abusers of alcohol.

•    Drug use and abuse in the United States is climbing at an amazing rate that has left many worrying as to just how serious it will get.  To shed some more light on this, in the year of 2013, an estimated twenty-five million Americans all in all from the ages of twelve or older, (or ten percent of the population over the age of twelve in fact), had used an illicit drug in the past month.  This number is up from only six percent in the year of 2002).

If one knows or is intimately connected to someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol one should call an addiction help hotline like that which can be found on this website to get help and assistance as soon as is possible.

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