Without a doubt, one of the worst mental and physical afflictions anyone can have is an addition to alcohol.  Alcohol addiction has swept across the nation in the last decade and a half, and now alcohol addiction is on a level that has never before been seen in the United States.  In fact, alcohol is now the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States, second only to smoking and obesity.  This is a crisis, an epidemic, and a health concern warranting national attention.

Alcohol addiction ruins lives in the blink of an eye.  Alcohol addiction creates both a powerful physical and a powerful mental connection and dependence issue in those who are afflicted.  First there is the physical side of the habit where one will crave alcohol so badly that he or she will be subjected to horrendous withdrawal symptoms if he or she does not seek out alcohol on a regular and consistent basis.  Second of all there is the various mental, personal, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual aspects to alcohol addiction that must be taken into account.  This is the reason why an individual became an alcoholic in the first place.  He or she could not face down some very serious and key personal issue that was very trying or upsetting to him or her.  Instead he or she decided to turn to alcohol as a way of forgetting about the problem or critical area.  This alcoholism briefly summarized, and it is truly brutal for those afflicted.

Alcoholism: An Especially Cruel Fate for Introverted Individuals

Beating alcoholism is all about opening up and sharing with a group or individual or with a counselor or therapist.  This is bad news for alcoholics who are also introverts.  Some signs of introversion are:

• They enjoy time by themselves;
• Their best thinking occurs alone;
• They lead best when those who follow are self-starters;
• They are the last to raise a hand when someone asks for something in a group setting;
• They tend to keep their opinions to themselves;
• They do not seek contact with others;
• They prefer not to engage with people who seem angry or upset;
• They do not reach out voluntarily to their social circles and if contact is required, they are more likely to use email than phone;
• They do not initiate small talk with casual contacts.

These characteristics make beating an alcohol addiction all the more difficult by far.  In fact, it can sometimes make fighting the addiction next to impossible.  The only real way an alcoholic can go free and achieve sobriety is to use the help of a group or of a counselor to get down to the bottom of why he or she is abusing alcohol in the first place, and to then seriously address and eradicates that issue or those issues.

The hope for an introverted alcoholic lies in also addressing the introversion issues.  This must be addressed on a dual basis as both the alcoholism issue and the introversion issue must be addressed hand in hand with each other to achieve full sobriety and a guarantee of abstinence form alcohol abuse.  This is a win-win situation for the individual too, because he or she will also be able to address and eradicate his or her introversion issues in the process.

To do this, it is advised for the individual who suffers from both alcoholism and introversion to seek out a facility that is equipped to address both personal issues and difficulties as well as addiction.  This will be the solution that grants freedom and happiness for such individuals for a lifetime.

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