Three Ways to Ensure a Rehab Facility Is Top Notch

Rehab drug facilities

Putting the pieces back together should be celebrated. In fact, it’s a great accomplishment. Finding the best drug addiction treatment center doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes research and due diligence. Knowing how to determine whether the rehab facility is top notch, and one that will work for you takes time.

Let’s start with the basics. Reputation is important. Asking for references and looking up their ratings on the Better Business Bureau is a good start. Top notch drug addiction facilities don’t have any issues with their potential clients finding out all there is to know. When doing your research, don’t forget to ask about their completion rate – this will help set the stage for not only your decision but also your comfort level.

Here are three concrete indicators of a top-notch facility:


Accreditation is important. If you can find a facility that has taken the time to go through all the red tape to meet regulatory standards, you know they care about who they are and what they stand for. These types of facilities offer services that have proven to be effective, and their staff is comprised of licensed professionals. Facilities of this nature have periodic evaluations to maintain their standing. While some do fall through the cracks, chances are a facility with accreditation is top notch.

Varied therapies

Therapeutic programming in a top-notch rehab facility speaks to different types of individuals and their needs. They understand the notion of “one size does not fit all” and make sure to include options like individual therapy, art therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapies, peripheral therapies and other therapies that specifically cater to drug addicts.

Cleanliness and organization

The daily regimen at any rehab facility is tough, but there must be standards in place. Rehab facilities that are clean and well-run stand out from the crowd. Facilities that cannot provide information in a timely manner, those who have rude staff and seem overworked, and facilities that are dirty do not hold a high-quality standard. Clean and well-maintained facilities are a good indicator of a top-notch facility.

Beyond these three basics, family involvement is very important, especially for someone who has gone through a number of challenges. Active participation from the family has been shown to enhance a patient’s progress and help them stay on the road to recovery, in and out of the facility. Does the facility encourage this?

Other factors to consider include knowing:

  • whether or not the facility administers medication from a licensed physician,
  • whether or not their philosophy lines up with your beliefs and that of your family,
  • and whether or not there are aftercare programs available should also weigh in.

Having a checklist of these things to look for can assist in making the final decision. You want to have a conversation with the doctor, staff, and any counselors who manage therapy. Planning a comprehensive site visit to see the facility and their offerings while things are going on will help.

Keep in mind – nothing is perfect, but you want to get care from a place that is well-rounded and has a great reputation. Drug addiction is difficult to manage but placing yourself or a loved one in a facility that truly cares about their well-being is invaluable. Although their pricing may be on a higher scale, it may be well worth the extra expense to know you or your loved one will be well taken care of.  After all, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

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