addiction overdose helpDrug and alcohol addiction help hotlines have proven to be quite valuable.  Recent years have shown that no other method for addressing drug and alcohol addiction has been quite as effective as the help that addiction hotlines can provide.  Addiction help hotlines offer to addicts a lifeline that is priceless.  Addiction help hotlines operate 24/7 toll-free hotlines that give struggling addicts a chance to speak with a counselor at any time of the day whenever crisis strikes.

In the last several years a lot of studies were done to address drug and alcohol addiction.  Substance abuse in general has become such a huge problem since the turn of the century that a study of the problem necessitated a study of these issues so that plans to correct them could be constructed.  A lot of different things were discovered from these studies, but perhaps the most surprising was that the main reason why addicts were not getting clean was that they could not find qualified treatment centers to go to that they could afford.  It was tabulated that if addicts could have an easier time of finding expert, qualified, applicable and practical treatment centers to go to that were affordable then it was likely that such individuals would actually be able to get the help that they needed and would actually be able to beat their addictions.

This is why addiction help hotlines were created.  Addiction help hotlines provide instant help and crisis relief to those who suffer with addiction, but they also provide instant referrals and suggestions in the form of qualified rehab centers.  This is needed and wanted because most addicts cannot find such centers on their own. With the free counseling and referral services provided by addiction help hotlines, addicted callers can finally get the help that they need and they can get it quickly.

How Addiction Help Hotlines Prevent Suicide

In the year of 2015, no less than 9.8 million adults of the age of 18 or older thought seriously about trying to kill themselves in the past 12 months alone, including 2.7 million who made suicide plans and 1.4 million who made a nonfatal suicide attempt of their own.  A majority of these individuals were also abusing drugs or alcohol or both. These numbers represent 4.0 percent of adults in 2015 who had serious thoughts of suicide, 1.1 percent who made suicide plans, and 0.6 percent who attempted suicide in the past year all told.

Obviously, the statistics when it comes to suicide and how that relates to addiction are pretty high.  In fact, they’re higher than they have ever been before.  Truthfully, every year no less than 42,000 Americans die by suicide; making it into the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. currently.

Now addiction help hotlines are providing an additional, free service to those who might feel as though they are suicidal.  An overdose is a form of suicide and callers who have overdosed before and lived or who feel as though they are at risk for overdose or who feel as though they might take their own lives in some other way can sign up for a program through whichever hotline they call that might help them out a lot in the future.  This program essentially involves call backs by the addiction help hotline to check on them, see how they’re doing, provide advice and counsel, and refer them to treatment centers that they can go to when they are ready.

Suicide is a truly horrible thing.  Furthermore, it is exacerbated by addiction.  In fact, drug and alcohol addicts are about eight to twelve times more likely to take their own lives than someone who does not abuse drugs and alcohol does.  This is the truth of the matter for such individuals, and it has to be addressed properly.  In fact, now more than ever the death toll has to be brought down and it will be brought down by preventing suicide by properly rehabilitating those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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