Rehab Help Hotlines: Perhaps the Most Important Addiction-Related Tool of the 21st Century

In more recent years the tool of “addiction and rehabilitation help hotlines”, have become immensely helpful and popular both.  True enough, these tools are incredibly invaluable and have been ever since they were first constructed.  An addiction help hotline is a toll free phone number found on websites about addiction and rehab that essentially serves to provide the caller with key information on getting off of drugs and alcohol.  With these types of tools these lines of course have become immensely successful and beneficial to all who have used them.

Using a rehab or addiction help hotline is very simple and very straightforward in fact.  All one must do is call the number provided to be instantly put in touch with an addiction and rehabilitation referral counselor who can instantly have a conversation with the caller about his or her specific situation.  After a brief conversation, the referral counselor will not only be able to help recommend the caller to a very successful and key rehab program that he or she has essentially matched the caller up with, but the counselor will also be able to actually refer the caller to that specific center too, thusly getting him several steps into the intake process for that specific center right off the bat.  This help is invaluable, as it eliminates the age old struggle that addicts have always faced of trying to find a good rehab program to go to.

Addiction and rehab help hotlines can provide even more assistance and help than that too.  Say a caller is still pretty shy about going to rehab, or say he or she knows that he or she has a problem but is not yet willing to confront rehab as the solution to rectifying his or her addiction once and for all.  If this is the case, then the caller is in for a treat because the referral counselor doesn’t have to refer him or her to a specific center.  If the caller just wants some information or options then the referral counselor can actually act as a treatment center locator and can furnish the caller with detailed listings of several individual rehab programs in the addicts area for him or her to check out on his or her own time and whenever he or she feels ready to do so.

What to Know and What to Have Ready When Calling an Addiction Help Hotline

There’s a couple of things one should have ready and prepared when one calls a rehab help hotline.  Some of these vary depending on if the caller is the addict himself or herself or if the caller is an addict’s loved one who is seeking help for the addict himself or herself:

• One should try to find out what the substances of abuse are, (relevant if one is calling about a loved one), and gather any information about the extent of use, (frequency, dosages/amounts, how long it’s been abused, etc).

• It’s important to know beforehand if there are alcohol and drug treatment insurance options available.  One must try to have that information ready or at least know the type of insurance it is, whether it covers treatment at HMO insurance drug rehab centers or at a PPO insurance drug rehab center, for instance.  This will make a difference when the referral counselor is trying to match up a specific center that will work best.

• One needs to be prepared to discuss finances and whether or not there is any money available if insurance is not available or if insurance will not cover the entire cost of recovery and rehabilitation.

• It’s also important to have information at hand concerning the addict’s state of mental health or whether they are suffering from any behavioral disorders or other co-occurring disorders will also be useful too when the counselor is trying to pick out a specific facility.

• One also needs to be prepared to be honest about the extent of the drug use, the problems it is causing, and how serious the addict is or one is about getting help.

• One can’t forget to be open and up-front about what one’s treatment goals are and ask questions until one understands the process and has enough information to make a good decision overall.

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