About Addiction in the United States and Why We Need Addiction Help Hotlines

opiod addiction hotlinesRecent years have seen a considerable spike in drug and alcohol abuse and with opiate abuse in particular in multiple different sectors and across many different areas of the United States. This is an issue that has grown and increased in severity and destruction to the point of a major national health concern. Actually, it has now moved on to be a concerning factor as a crisis, and further on to that of an epidemic. Different factors have contributed to this like:

•    Youth drug and alcohol abuse is at its highest ever with roughly 10% of the nation’s residents between the ages of 15 and 25 being addicted to some form of drug or alcohol substance.

•    Crime in the United States has never been higher with the common denominator incentive of this crime spree being drug abuse and addiction.

•    Drug use and the abuse of substances among the nation’s middle class, upper middle class, and upper class have never been higher. This has resulted in highest ever death tolls because while poverty class and lower class Americans have traditionally been the most common substance abusers these individuals tend to run out of money before they kill themselves with drugs. More affluent Americans however can just keep abusing drugs on and on and on until they die from them.

How Addiction Help Hotlines can Help Reduce the Opiate Addiction Nightmare in the United States

With all of these factors creating addiction crises left and right, much effort has been put into squishing the rising tide of addiction. With the advent of the information age and the prosperity of the internet, one of the best tools for battling addiction has been toll-free addiction help hotlines. Addiction help hotlines are any toll-free 1-800 number that appears on an addiction help website. These hotlines act as an addict’s first of defense to an addiction crisis or meltdown.

To get help from the hotline, all one has to do is call it. Upon calling, one will instantly be put in touch with a qualified and trained addiction counselor who can assist the caller with whatever troubles here she may be going through at that time.

This is not even the main goal or the true untapped resource of power and assistance that can be provided by these hotlines though. The main goal of these hotlines are to assist addicts in getting into inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations. It is only with the help of programs like these that drug and alcohol addicts all across the nation will be able to fully and completely beat their destructive habits once and for all. This is why addiction help hotlines have this as their goal.

To accomplish this goal, addiction help hotlines also act as a referral services for individuals struggling with substance abuse. To get this type of help, again, all one has to do is call. When any drug addict or a concerned family member or loved one of a drug or alcohol addict calls an addiction help hotline, they will have a brief conversation with an addiction counsellor and referral specialist who can first off have a short conversation with the caller to get an idea of the addict’s specific situation. When some information has been traded back and forth, the counsellor can actually make specialized and legitimate referrals to the caller as to specific rehabilitation centers that the addict can go to. Furthermore, the counsellor can even set up intake for the addict in question into one of the centers and the counsellor can even knock out several steps of the intake process over the phone with the caller. This free service greatly speeds the process of getting into treatment, (actually getting into treatment being one of the greatest struggles that addicts today face).

Help like this is highly beneficial and should not be sent away. It is time for the addicted individuals of the United States to step up to and use this free help to get into treatment as soon as possible. Even if they just need someone to talk to, these hotlines provide stellar services and they produce excellent results. With toll-free addiction help hotlines, the United States can finally start battling against and winning against its own addiction nightmare crisis.

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