Addiction Help Hotlines: A Saving Grace for Many Who are Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

In just the last few years an incredible assistance to the lives of those addicted has come up.  This is of course the tool of addiction help hotlines.  An addiction help hotline is essentially a website that offers information and data about not only addiction but also about how to get clean from addiction once one is afflicted or hooked on drugs and alcohol.  These websites also have toll free, twenty-four hour help hotlines listed obviously and prominently on the webpage for interested persons to call.

All one has to do once this number is noted is to call the number to be instantly put in touch with a referral counselor.  Once in touch with such counselor, he or she will not only assist the caller in finding an inpatient rehab program for him or her to go to, but the counselor will even go the extra step of legitimately referring the individual to the facility itself.  In this way, the addict will have several of the initial intake steps taken care for him or her already, and the process towards getting him or her into rehab and off of drugs will already have already essentially begun.

Above and beyond all of that, addiction help hotlines also offer stellar services for addicts in the form of treatment center locator services.  If a caller is not quite ready to commit to going to rehab just yet or simply wants someone to talk to, the referral counselor on the other end of the line can also assist the individual by providing him or her with a listing of different treatment centers in his or her area and some basic information about them so that he or she can at least consider the idea of going to rehab and what his or her options might be if he or she decided to do just that.

New York State Spearheading New Technology to Reduce Addiction

The state of New York has been effectively spearheading this mission of providing rehabilitation center referral and locator services to local addicted individuals.  For example, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services has recently agreed to provide funding for an emergency response team in Western New York for just this exact purpose.  The team would respond to calls from a proposed and efficient 24-hour hotline set up for people suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse.  This hotline actually includes emergency response too, not just referral and locator services.

Taking the hotline even further, Crisis Services is currently coming up with a plan to operate the hotline and how to go about it.  Ideally, an employee would be dedicated and standing by to answering chemical dependency calls, and the organization’s current role in assisting those suffering from domestic and sexual violence and mental health issues would be expanded too to include substance abuse as well.

Once a call was made, Crisis Services would contact the appropriate emergency team, most likely consisting of a social worker capable of treating addiction, and a parent advocate both, who would then meet with the person in need and direct them towards treatment immediately.  The idea here is that this project is sort of like calling 911 for a medical emergency, expect that this is an addiction emergency, which is often just as severe.

This program has already been so successful in fact that a relationship and agreement of sorts has already been established between Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and Kids Escaping Drugs for this process too.  Hopefully, other states as well will begin to follow New York’s image on this point.

Finally, for those who are willing to call the hotline but who are concerned about whether or not their health insurance will pay for rehab or not, under a law that went into effect last April patients can actually appeal an insurance company that refuses to cover treatment. The state would then intervene to see if the decision can be reversed so that one way or the other, the individual would most definitely be getting treatment for his or her addiction.

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