National, Toll Free Drug Addiction Help Hotlines: A New Savior in a World of Addiction

A new tool and helping hand has emerged amongst the morass and sadness that has flooded the airwaves in the subject of drug addiction and substance abuse in today’s world.  Drug addiction and substance abuse has never been worse than it is now in the United States, and the sadness and misery carried upon the shoulders of every American who is affected directly or indirectly by it tells testament to the truth of this statement.  Thankfully, one brilliant plan has been put into effect to help curb the growing tide of addiction, and the results have thus far been nothing short of phenomenal.

This is speaking of course of drug addiction and substance abuse nationwide, toll free, help hotlines.  Help hotlines are numbers posted on addiction and recovery websites that transfer callers to rehabilitation referral specialists.  These toll free lines are referral lines.  Once one calls into one of them, whether he or she is the actual addict or just a friend or family member who is seeking help for that person, he or she will be instantly transferred to a referral counselor for a free, confidential, referral to an accredited, recognized, and successful inpatient rehabilitation program.  It was found recently that, while most addicts at some point in their lives do try to give up addiction, the number one thing that stopped addicts from getting clean was the very simple yet outrageous factor of them not being able to find a rehab center to go to!  This discovery was of course very displeasing.

This sparked the incentive and the drive to make it so that no one would be stopped from finding a rehab center should they come to the realization and want to do the right thing by themselves and their loved ones and get clean from addiction once and for all.  What had been occurring was that, with an overload of information on the internet and in various resources, addicted individuals were struggling with finding a good rehab center to go to.  Rehabilitation help hotlines changed all of that.

Easy Access to Addiction Help

With just one call, anyone who wanted help whether it was for himself or herself or for a loved one could get it in a matter of minutes when it used to take days or even weeks.  This innovation was a major helping hand and a saving grace to many addicts who would have otherwise gone un-helped and stayed addicted.

To top it all off, these hotlines even went an extra mile.  In fact, if a caller did not want a referral to a specific center, say for someone who was merely considering the thought of going to rehab but who was not yet ready to act on it, these help hotlines also offer rehabilitation center locator services.  In this scenario, one would simply need to mention to his or her referral counselor that he or she was not ready for rehab yet, and merely wanted information about various rehab centers to look over.  In this case, the referral counselor would simply provide the caller with a listing of several different rehab centers to choose from, and when the addict was ready, he or she could pick one out and go to it.

These tools have proven to be nothing less than invaluable for teen drug addicts.  Unfortunately, given the often rebellious and individuated attitude and personality of teenagers, teens can often be the most difficult ones of them all to convince to go to rehab when they are struggling with some form of drug or alcohol addiction.  With rehab help hotlines however, the teen can merely consider the prospect from an exterior view, an option which is often much more comfortable for them as it involves little stress and no pressure.  Truly, these help hotlines have revolutionized the rehabilitation and addiction field, and they are probably now the single most helpful tool for those who are trying to find help for an addicted teen.

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