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Cody is a very popular and frequently visited city in Park County in the state of Wyoming in the United States.  The city is well known for being named after Mr. William Frederick Cody, primarily known as Buffalo Bill, from his part in the creation of the original town itself.  The population was 9,520 at the 2010 census done by the United States Census Bureau.  The city of Cody is the county seat of Park County and it is the urban center for a wide geographical area.

Cody is served by Yellowstone Regional Airport, one of the city’s biggest employers.  However, the primary industry in Cody is tourism as the city is very popular within the state and within the entire West for that matter.  Hotels, restaurants and shops cater to thousands of travelers coming to visit the West and Yellowstone Park.  Cody has several art galleries, with some notable local painters and artists living in the area as well.  Another major industry that makes Cody unique is western style furniture, with several small furniture makers producing custom pieces all throughout the city.

The oil industry seems to wax and wane over the years in the Cody area, though overall the economy of the city is not affected much by this.  Just to the south of Cody are large deposits of gypsum that are refined and sold.  Park County School District #6 is another large employer in the area.  Old Trail Town another major employer, is a restoration of more than twenty-five historic Western buildings and artifacts is located in Cody just off the Yellowstone Highway.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Hit Hard in the Rodeo Capital of the World

Drug addiction and substance abuse is on the rise in Cody, and is now perhaps more serious of an issue than it has ever been before in recorded history.  Without a doubt, the addiction crisis in this town is a major one now.  Meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana have found their way into Cody from Mexico, and it is anticipated that if the small city does not do something about it soon then the whole city will be faced with a veritable addiction epidemic.

Facts and Statistics on the Issue in Cody

To better understand the addiction crisis in Cody and across the state of Wyoming in general, several facts and statistics have been included below that highlight just how serious of an addiction crisis this really is for the once peaceful town of Cody.  These statistics are included below:

• Drug-related arrests have grown by 37 percent over the past two years and nearly 8 percent of last year’s arrests involved marijuana in the state of Wyoming.

• In a sudden surprise, the state of Wyoming’s population boom from its flourishing energy sector is drawing more drugs to the area.  Unfortunately, as this effect was not anticipated, the state law enforcement agencies have not yet been able to effectively combat this matter effectively.

• In Wyoming, there is an immense need for inpatient rehab programs.  For example, in the state of Wyoming drug use offenders who go through the drug court program have a success rate of 70-80%.  That’s compared to drug offenders who go to prison where the addiction recovery success rate stands at a mere 20-30%.

• Last year, the FDA was widely criticized for approving a new opioid called Zohydro over the objection of its own scientific advisors.  In 2015, FDA approved two more new opioids without consulting its scientific advisory committee.  Many of these opiate drugs are what is causing so much addiction and death in Wyoming.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure for Drug Addiction in and Around Cody

Without a doubt, inpatient rehabilitation is the best and by far the most successful route to beating addiction, no matter how lightly or seriously one is addicted.  For Cody residents, this is exactly what is needed.  Only inpatient rehab centers offer the tools that are needed to safely and effectively detox and rehabilitate oneself from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Currently, it is being strongly recommended that any and all addicts in Cody seek out inpatient rehab as soon as is possible.

Cody: A City that Offers Much to Recovering Addicts

Rodeo is important in the culture in Cody, which calls itself the “Rodeo Capital of the World”, and this makes the city very appealing and ideal for an individual trying to kick a drug habit and his or her family alike.  There is much to do for the individual while he or she goes through rehab, and there is much for his or her family to do while they visit him or her in treatment,  For example, the Cody Night Rodeo is an amateur rodeo every night from June 1 through August 31.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, previously the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, is a large and modern facility located near the center of the city that attracts much attention.  It contains five museums in one, including the Draper Natural History Museum, the Plains Indian Museum, the Cody Firearms Museum, the Whitney Western Art Museum and the Buffalo Bill Museum which chronicles the life of William F. Cody, for whom the historical center is named.  The historical center maintains large collections that can be visited and viewed by recovering addicts and their families.  It is a favorite stopping point for tourists passing through the town, on their way to or from Yellowstone, and it can really help a recovering addict in moving on from his or her drug crisis and on to other things.

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