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Wyoming is a state of wide-open spaces. Many of the people that live here work in ranching or oil drilling, and both industries create a lot of wealth. This excess cash leads to a better life for many of the people here, but it also leads to an age-old problem in any areas with a lot of cash to burn. Despite the fact that Wyoming citizens usually consider themselves to be old-fashioned, moral folk, the state has a serious drug problem.

Surprisingly, deaths due to drug abuse are higher in Wyoming than the national average. Most of us would probably guess at a lot of states to have high levels of drug abuse before thinking of Wyoming, but it’s the simple truth. Thirteen out of 100,000 people die due to drug abuse in this state, compared to the national average of only 12.7 people out of every 100,000.

This is an alarming statistic, and it appears that many of the deaths are coming from just a few types of drugs. While not many people in Wyoming use “big city” drugs like heroin and cocaine, and increasing number are getting addicted to the most popular rural drugs. Wyoming residents like to buy products made in America, so maybe it’s no surprise that the most used drugs in Wyoming are usually produced right here in America.

After all, cocaine and heroin are usually produced in South America and Asia, and they are then illegally smuggled into the United States through Mexico and via ships and planes that make high-speed drops in our territory. These drug cartels are also working to get a foothold on American-produced drugs, but for now the most popular versions in Wyoming are usually made right here in the USA.

The Drug Problem in Wyoming

It is vital for anyone that cares about drug use trends in the state to actually understand what drugs are the most popular. When this information is commonly known, we can focus our efforts on stopping the spread of these dangerous drugs and keeping them out of the hands of our family members.

The Wyoming Drug Control Update is a valuable resource for recognizing what drugs are used the most often and in what order of popularity they lie. These statistics are calculated based on the number of people that report to drug rehabs for treatment for each type of substance abuse. By recognizing which drugs create the greatest need for rehabilitation treatment, we know which drugs are being used in the greatest amounts, and then we can start to get educated on what these drugs are and how they affect the mind and body.

This is one of the most vital areas in which any family can get educated. When you recognize the symptoms of drug abuse for a wide variety of drugs, you are safeguarding your community from these symptoms going unnoticed. Once you recognize that drug abuse is present in someone you know, there is still the responsibility to get that person treatment, of course. For the first step, however, here are the drugs being used at the greatest rate according to the most recent reports.


This drug is the most popular drug in the United States currently, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular in Wyoming, too. Throughout the country, secret operations grow massive quantities of marijuana. Sometimes it is produced in hidden “grow rooms,” but crops of the drug can also be hidden on hard-to-reach properties or even in the middle of rarely-visited public land that is owned by the US government. With recent laws passed to legalize “medical” marijuana throughout half of the country, it is becoming increasingly easy to get a card to buy marijuana to treat a fake medical condition, too.


The category of stimulants includes all drugs that give you a false sense of energy. These drugs make it feel like you’re thinking and moving faster, and they can actually speed up your heart rate and make you breathe faster, too. One of the main stimulants produced in Wyoming and consumed here, too, is methamphetamine. This incredibly toxic and dangerous drug is created out of a wide variety of chemicals and solvents that you can buy over-the-counter at any hardware store. As could be expected from using a drug made from some dangerous chemicals, meth can quickly break the human body down and cause a wide variety of medical conditions. It is definitely a drug to keep away from.

Prescription Opiates:

These are painkiller drugs produced at pharmaceutical companies in the US and around the world. They come packaged under names like Vicodin and Oxycontin, and they are actually the fastest growing category of abused drugs in the US today. Most of the fatal drug overdoses in the state are actually caused by opiate use. It is very easy to overdose on these drugs, as they can slow your breathing to the point that you go unconscious and die. Keeping Wyoming safe from drug abuse will mean finding ways to combat the growing influence of this legal but widely abused narcotic.

Surprisingly, some of the other major drugs that are abused in major quantities in other parts of the country are not as much of a risk in Wyoming. Some of these hard drugs include cocaine and heroin, but there are dozens of others that include tranquilizers, sedatives and hallucinogens. Even though these drugs aren’t as common as the three drugs listed above, they are still the cause of major health problems throughout the state and should be completely avoided.

Getting Help Through a Wyoming Drug Rehab Facility

Wyoming can be a sober, healthy state again if all communities work together to combat drug abuse. It will take individual efforts in every town, however. There are several major obstacles that will have to be overcome if we’re going to be successful in taking the state back from drug abuse.

One is our tendency to “mind our own business.” It could be considered polite in Wyoming to not bother our friends and family members when we see them acting strangely, but this is often exactly what is needed if our loved ones have started to use drugs. In almost every case of an addict successfully getting treatment for a serious substance abuse problem, it was a friend or family member that noticed that something was wrong and decided to broach the subject. It can feel rude to do so, but you have to weigh the risk of an awkward conversation against the benefit of truly helping someone in their darkest hour.

Another major obstacle to overcome is the lack of effective drug rehab facilities in Wyoming. There are far more drug addicts in the state than available beds, so families may need to look beyond the state’s borders to find a treatment center that will fit their needs. If you know someone that is abusing drugs, be willing to look far and wide until you find a rehab facility that is going to treat your loved one as an individual and can make a commitment to actually seeing him get sober. You’ll know when you’ve found the right organization, so keep on looking till you’re sure.

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