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Parkersburg is a well-known and popular city in and the county seat of Wood County, West Virginia, in the United States.  Located as it is at the confluence of the Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers alike, it is the state’s fourth-largest city.  The city of Parkersburg is by far the largest city in the Parkersburg–Marietta–Vienna Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 31,492 at the 2010 census.  The peak of its population was more than 44,000 in 1960.  The city is just a mere fourteen miles south of Marietta, Ohio.

As for its history, The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad reached Parkersburg in 1857, but it unfortunately lacked a crossing over the Ohio River until after the American Civil War.  When the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company completed the Parkersburg Bridge to Belpre, it was the longest railroad bridge in the world at that time.

One thing that has brought economic prosperity to the city is The Bureau of the Public Debt.  This is an agency of the U.S. Treasury Department which was relocated from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in the late 20th century and headquartered in Parkersburg.  In October 2012, it was merged with the Financial Management Service to form the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, and it is now the single greatest employer in the city, and one of the biggest in the entire state too.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Making Waves in Parkersburg

Without a doubt, drug addiction and substance abuse is on the rise in Parkersburg and all across West Virginia for that matter.  This is a state that has always suffered to a degree with drug addiction and substance abuse issues, but now the problem has reached new heights as far as drug abuse goes.

West Virginia is actually one of the worst states in the entire nation for drug abuse, and this truth has never been more clear than it is now, with the state ranking in with the highest ever drug overdose rates for the entire nation.  Parkersburg, while the city has seen times of relative sobriety, has now begun to face its own worst ever drug addiction time period.  Nowadays, drug abuse and addiction is more common in Parkersburg than it ever has been before.  If something isn’t done soon, the problem is only anticipated to become much, much worse.

Facts and Statistics on the Issue: What is Really Occurring in Parkersburg

To better understand the crisis in Parkersburg and all across the state for that matter, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), along with the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), and the state’s own Department of Health and Human Services have all worked together recently in an attempt to study, examine, research, review, correlate, analyze, and survey the exact drug crisis in the state of West Virginia and in the city of Parkersburg.

Listed below are just a couple of their findings included here to provide the reader with context as to just how serious of an issue this really is for the city and for the state:

• About 34,000 young people in Parkersburg, West Virginia and in the surrounding areas were referred to the juvenile court system in 2009.  Many of these young adults ended up there as a result of some crime committed that had something to do with drug addiction and substance abuse.

• In the time period between 2007 and 2008, West Virginia was sadly one of the top ten states for various, recorded rates in several drug-use categories among young adults between the ages 18 and 25.  This included the past-year use of cocaine, the past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana like heroin and meth, and illicit drug dependence in general.

• The rate of drug-induced deaths and fatal overdoses in general in the state of West Virginia is much, much higher than that of the national average.  For example, McDowell County in West
Virginia has the 5th highest rate of drug poisoning deaths in the country, coming in at 38.3 deaths per 100,000 population.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure for Addiction in Parkersburg

The best way to tackle any degree or severity of a drug addiction is through an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center and rehabilitation program.  Only at such a center can an individual truly find the necessary and needed addiction treatment solutions for recovery and everlasting sobriety.

At an inpatient rehab center, addicted Parkersburg residents can gain access to the necessary detoxification services that they will inevitably need to successfully and efficiently beat chemical addiction and physical dependence to drugs.  Also at an an inpatient rehab center, an addiction individual from Parkersburg can gain access to the many and various different types of counseling methods and therapy sessions that will be very necessary to giving the individual full and complete freedom from mental and spiritual addiction and connection to drugs and alcohol.

Parkersburg: a Perfect City for Going Free from Addiction

Parkersburg has much to offer to the sober individual.  The city is a major historical epicenter for the foundation and formulation of the state of West Virginia, and the city has been a major industrial and business factor in the economic growth of the state as well.  For an individual who wants to beat a drug addiction, Parkersburg is a good place to do it in.  Also, the city has much to offer for the family members and love ones of the addict who might want to visit him or her while he or she is going through rehab in Parkersburg.

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